Sagittarius 3° (November 25)

I should never have gone out for Thanksgiving dinner. It was so expensive and such a joke. I won’t be rushing back to said restaurant anytime soon. They brag about their kitchen but they served me raw potato gratin with my lamb. The whole thing was gross and not in the least memorable. Food has become too much a focus in any case but I thought it would lift my spirits on this most difficult day. It, like many, will end in tears. So I reve du Paris: 

Churches and Palaces 

Sacre Coeur. If you have to go (and if you haven’t been you really do need to) then try to go toward evening when the crowds are leaving and attend Vespers which is typically 6PM. One of the better strolls up the hill would begin at the Moulin Rouge. You can keep the Café de 2 Moulins as a landmark in mind (it was where Amélie worked in that film). You might want to breeze through the Cemetery. There is also the I Love You Wall and the Place du Tertre. There is still a windmill—the Moulin de la Galette and another famous cafe, La Maison Rose. If you use all these as landmarks it will make a nice jaunt!

Eglise Saint-Gervais. As I’m writing this in unlinear fashion I’ve already said it’s our favorite church. It is south of rue du Rivoli in the 4e (not technically still Marais but close enough) and the area is all beautiful shops and cafés-resto. We end up here a lot just to sit. And we try to time it with the singing masses which are beautiful. Don’t be put off by the homeless people camping around. The church is incredibly charitable and they disenfranchised do flock there.

Sainte-Chapelle. boulevard du Palis in the 1e. It is in the Palais de la Cité on the Île de la Cité. Gothic royal chapel dating to the 13th century, chapel of the French kings. 

Palais Royale. Opposite the Louvre in the 1e. The galleries are filled with designer shops. Make sure to walk around the entire thing. Gaultier, Ric Owens, Jerome Dreyfuss,Pierre Hardy and Didier Ludot’s famed vintage store. A must do. As is strolling through the Gallerie Vivienne to the north. Colette’s residence is in this quartier too as is the Grand Colbert restaurant. You don’t have to eat there unless you’re Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton in that sappy film. Go west to Place Vendome, go east to Place des Victoires.

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