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As a producer I really feel that I can expand to other venues around New England. Based on my experience and association with Harvard, I could conceivably replicate what I’m doing in Providence and in Portland and in the Berkshires, for sure. There is the MoCa and there is that corridor of colleges moving up to Vermont. There is Bennington. There is Worcestor, even. Newport. Then there is Bangor and Montreal and Toronto. And then all the way down to the Hudson Valley. Not to mention monied New England colleges dotted all over the map, which is what I need to make. Short of just jumping onto the web I want to get a clearer understanding of what I’m doing here and think about this logically. Hartford? New Haven for sure. There are definitely towns where this sort of thing can happen. And it would be fun to work with a roster of talent and have places into which I could book them. The other side of the coin here is finding a Boston base all my own, ultimately, like in a hotel somewhere (which really is a dream), where I could run a nightclub, like a little Joe’s Pub, and really put on the Ritz.

I will be speaking with and schmoozing with people who might help in this. I just have a feeling it’s part of my personality, maybe. Like being Rick in Casablanca. Ohh, that would be a fantasy. I’ll have to revist that soon. I’ll add to this item once I have some more information. Then again I might not and just keep these thoughts to myself. I have to say though I have always dreamed of owning a club or a small hotel or both. There used to be places like that in the world, small hotels with clubs. What a grand thing to be able to do. I should speak with my hotelier friends. Don’t you think?

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