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Working out some language to would-be Cambridge (and Boston) folks who might donate to my new non-profit festival there this summer. Let’s just say Quinn’s Epistle Letter to the Cantabrigians.

Dear Friend,

Thanks for passing this along to TK, who, we imagine, would be the ultimate decider on this. I’ve attached a release and a link to Boston Globe piece on our doings from 2015. And here, our story in a nutshell:

My professional name is Quinn Cox and my wife Stella Starsky and I are big fans and regular customers of TK your establishment.

Known as authors and astrologers, Stella and I are also founders, with John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and The Angry Inch) of the not-for-profit annual live performance Afterglow Festival in Provincetown, now entering its seventh year, where, over a week each September, we produce and present alternative, progressive, some very well and other little-known live musical, comedic, dramatic and interpretive performers.

Having produced this brand of artists in Cambridge at Oberon/American Repertory Theater over the years, Afterglow teamed with Ob/ART on a fall-winter series there, called Glowberon, which is newly expanding for the coming 2017-18 season. Stella and I typically TK at your establishment.

Cutting to the chase—drum roll, please—we are collaborating with Ob/ART on what has long been our biggest dream: to create a Cambridge non-profit live-performance festival in summer, one that might one day grow to Edinburgh fringe-like proportion. And so we shall present the first annual Glow Festival, based at Ob/ART, July 27-30 2017. We’re starting small year one, just five acts in four days, still we are seeking to raise a modest amount of seed money from among a mix of private and business sponsorships, to cover a range of costs not least of which is the venue rental, promotion, staff and technical fees.

Our hope is to enlist support from among the coterie of superior creative businesses whose quality, taste and vision we ourselves already celebrate. As it is, we already send customers your way but we will be specificually ushering festivalgoers your way. We keep close connection with our audience and will pride ourselves on directing attendees to our own favorite establishments via our website, programs, e-blasts and social media.

The Boston Globe and WGBH and other press outlets are planning feature stories on our “works” as a non-profit purveyor of progressive theater and performance that has taken up Provincetown’s baton as the birth place of modern American theater so to stage a city festival, based in Cambridge, with hopes to grow that festival, year on year.

Descriptions of the various levels of sponsorship may be found on our (under construction) website www.glowfest.org/sponsorships. I hope TK your establishment will give at the Emissary level or above.

The Glow Festival is a 501(c)(3) charitable arts organization based in Massachusetts. That is to say that nobody gets paid. It’s all for love of talent, progress and performance!

The attached release and link to Boston Globe article will illuminate a bit more.

Here’s hoping we can count on TK your establishment for some incentive. We aim to return your kindness directly!

All best



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