Capricorn 8° (December 29)

Dump run and then I need to write between five and ten pages. I also cleaned the house and made a few meals in advance. I am operating (once again) on no sleep but that’s okay. I feel alternately relaxed and grateful then pissed off and resentful. I managed to get some writing done which is encouraging. Had a nice long talk with Brian and interesting about lanesville. Some notes I wrote torris being lazy laziness is a pitfall something about not doing their homework not watching Jean Brodie they don’t really laugh they don’t want anyone taking focus something like that prepare for the don’t know what it says. Ares is about purpose tourists about performance not just being performative but really not pejorative that they show up and give a good performance of their good at the performance of things something along the lines of like you know an Olympic athlete might be great but then they choke when it’s time to perform whereas tourists is very good at that whole bit so that’s the notes from that I I’m coming across a lot of old material that I’m not using which is a shame because it’s really good so I have to factor that in moving forward so I don’t reinvent the wheel each time so that should be the last time that happens whenever I get down on paper today I’m moving on to the next time tomorrow and but first I’ll spend the morning kind of getting in touch with the format that is emerging to make this job easier to give myself prompts and try not to get behind on that score. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1361-1365. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

One of the purposes, and the sometime practice of this Blague is to allow for certain stream of conscious. Last night I dreamt I passed by a famous colleague and he snubbed me. I feel that I myself am in a constitutional crisis. That that which metaphysically makes me up is being shaken to its foundation by the tsuami swirl of this current administration. It seems to me that we should be protesting daily, perhaps, in the evening and asking for a new charter—the Chartists were a theme of last night’s “Victoria” on Masterpiece. One point is: being snubbed as such comes as no surprise: One of my ongoing life lessons has been in rejection, a Libra experience for sure—the premier myth of Apollo, a main archetype of the sign, is that of his rejection by Daphne; likewise he is not the chosen inheritor-son of his supreme ruling father Zeus, hat is Dionysus, in effect, his own male-youth form whom he birthed from his fatherly thigh, the body part ruled by Sagittarius, ruled by planet Jupiter (Greek: Zeus). Ah how it all goes together and slides around. But that is part and parcel of what I am currently needing to express in my next messaging about publishing.

But back to this notion of being in a constitutional crisis, from crux, a word akin to crossroads. The duality of Gemini, ruled by planet Mercury, for the messenger god of the crossroads, is that of extremes, no sign best representing the notion of divinity on one hand and merest mortality on the other (Pollux and Castor) than Gemini. And people of the sign being the most vivid example of how these energies play out, personifications of this energy, Geminians portray the notion that people can reach soaring heights of divinity while falling the furthers into the depths of human desperation, whether in turns or at the same time, or both (the operative word of the sign of Gemini). We see in the biblical line that The Fall is characterized by duality as the manifestation of sudden consciousness provided by a bite of an apple—Gemini’s motto is I think. Gemini people personifiy the notion that we are all essentially dual, that we all in various ways continually at a crossroads if not in crisis, as said crossroads in a natural endowment of the human condition….and so forth. And so what comes after being at a crossroads, in crisis, but change, recovery. I never really made the precise link that the following sign of Cancer might simply be change but of course it is and synchronistically we assigned Cool Change to be our “Cancer song” in our recent musical show, written by a Moonchild but of course.

I’m perfectly content, today, to float around these ideas. Cancer is the sign of recovery, change, positive change. To change, to evolve, to move on dot org. Duh that the fourth house is that of the home you come from and the home you create, which we have already associated with passage, promise, deliverance, hope (which floats, Cancer being the premier Water sign)—and fresh water at that. The sign is Cardinal Water which is fresh, moving, life-giving waters whether it be rain (following the electric static of Gemini’s Mutable Air, leading to such a torrent), or the resulting rising and roaring rivers, springs and sources, the origin (home you come from) and where it goes, and what changes it makes along the way.

There is a archetypal, metaphsyical and, at the very least, a philosophical genius encoded into the Zodiac. It is the onion we ourselves continually peel, that which never ceases to reveal layers, revelations. There is some primordial logic to it that draws on, connects, and expresses our elaborate mythologies to which it is inextricably linked…it’s all that…

I spent the morning writing but what I ultimately intended to publish here got cut and pasted elsewhere because it bore what should be some secret publishing plans. Writing is a tortue there is no doubt about it and, if I’m going to do it on a grand scale again I will have to be compensated enough so that I can secure myself a semi-tropical place to hole up and write like the dickens; barring that, I’d need to be in an affordable city and/or paradigm where I wouldn’t have to make a meal or a bed unless I chose to do so. Writing requires a housekeeper who, at the very least, can do some grocery shopping and chop some vegetables. And now I must resist the urge to Google “houses for rent in Sardinia” or some such nonsense. But the fact is I must undertake the redirection (another Cancerian word) of our book brand, and do so in such a way that I can be completely nutsy boltsy about it.

I found myself, upon opening Facebook, saying aloud: “I can’t do this anymore.” And the point is I’m not sure I can. I need some college interns to handle that sort of thing. Some marketing and pr interns I can put in charge of social media and the management of all things digital. Another good reason to remain based in Boston with its many schools. Of all the cities in the country (most of which I have never visited so take that with a grain of salt) I think Boston is the most liveable for me. It is the perfect backdrop for my human existence, at once a place to love and rely on, though it mightn’t provide much excitement, and a sort of bedroom community to my New York existence that necessarily needs representing, more and more. Today is the 22nd and I’ve 22 days till our next major public event and so here I am in the first throes of redirection which, ironically, is about attending to what is already on my plate. Interesting irony about the word recovery as it suggests making profound changes while pointing to certain reclamation of a past state of being, bringing something back that was lost. Ourselves?

The day shall be long and I will need patience to put the wheels needing to be in motion. I am happy for the still two months of winter as the Spring will bring much in the way of travel. I am looking for putting that particular time line in place. Starting tomorrow I will be focusing my writing on creating next year’s book intros. I think with those in place, and a couple focused weeks in March, I should be ready to release the next Craken. I have two full years to get my household itinerary honed and consolidated down to some very portable boxes; and to simply move the domestic existence to another place, so that is truly an ongoing meditation. So much of my existence is represented in books and CDs. I think I will ask Emerson what he thinks one should do about ones entire library of CDs. It would be wonderful if someone were to (or has?) invented a device that, as you play a CD, it records that CD, digitally someplace, apart from iTunes from whence ones Library can seemingly disappear (how does that happen), so that it truly belongs to you the owner. I wonder if that’s a thing or if it could be invented. But I digress…

After I make my way through what might entail four pages a day, for the next twelve days, I will then be free to return to the process of mining myself reading back through a lot of what I’ve written these nearly full four years, pulling out bits, working them, fleshing them out, as possible passages for something different. I’m not sure where it is I’ll be going with all that but I know that I won’t have to keep reinventing the wheel but that I can start creating a series of gears from what has already been forged.

I know you think you have to, but, to the Mika Brzezinskis of the morning news, and really all so called “liberal media”, you don’t have to ask questions that make you seem impartial, especially when you put Democrats in the hotseat over this shutdown. And stop suggesting that they should be dysfunctional enablers of a lying, cheating, thieving, murdering (children held in captivity at the wall), human trafficking (where are the unaccounted for children?), propogandist, money laundering, authoratative, TRAITOROUS pseudo-president and puppet of the international mob syndicate by giving into his raging addiction to all things evil. Then again you put up with the overbearing Joe Scarboroughs of the world who won’t let you get a word in edgewise and whose suggestion it most likely was for you to start growing your hair.

Maybe that was a low blow but, I’m sorry, the gloves have to be off now: Any bit of justification of this lunatic or any inch we give him, he will take a million miles. Meanwhile I have some astrological themes to tackle today and I’m going to dedicate the next few hours to doing just that.

The sign of Aries, that of Cardinal-Fire, is the start of the astrological New Year, on the Vernal Equinox, Spring, which suggest more than a season but a launching into action. The sign is ruled by planet Mars, named for the Roman headstrong war god, Greek Aresfrrom the Greek ariete, literaly, to ram. And so theRam of the Zodiac, is characterized by purest action, launching into action, if not into battles of dominance, headlong. Mars. Both the god and the planet Mars signifies the premier, primal Male Principle in mythology and astrology. The phallic spear of the planet’s symbol portrays outward, centripetal, directive assertive energy. It is the time of shoots springing to the surface and newborn lambs niblling such suculents. It is also time for battle, the month of March and marches named for Mars. Allsuch things springing into action. Newness in itself as the premier concept. New begginings, the infancy of things, this is something, in anything or everything that is, which the sign of Aries rules: the beginnings of all things. Birth and war, the attack, are both bloody affairs and instant struggles for survival.

Athena, the war goddess, is the classical feminine archetype of the sign, representing, among other things, the temperance to temper the Mars masculine temper of the sign. One speaks of masculine and feminine energies in astrology in the abstract; which is very much different from surveying males and females of a particular sign whose make-up in character does, nonetheless, always somehow draw upon thier archetypes, here, Mars and Athena (and a myriad others, (but we’ll get to those—for now we’re spoonfeeding you). Mars and Athena are the first two off-spring of the Olympian gods’ progeny, the first born of Jupiter/Zeus and Hera/Juno. Life is foremost a war that you mightn’t win, so you have to come out fighting. Aries rules this spirit and people born under the sign are suffused with it.

Aries rules the human ages of birth to seven years, that which is defined by adjectives like “terrible” and nouns like “tantrum”, at once the most helpless lamb and most shriekingly selfish and demanding, others be damned. There is a lot to unpack here. As the Cardinal-Fire sign, which translates to a spark (of life), our ignition and animation, also purpose. Mars signifies pure energy, that fight, spearheading goals and Athena the strategy and diplomacy and prudence to support these aims. And so it is no surprise that the most singularly directed of sign-energies in the Zodiac, that Aries people are themselves singular, self-motivated, me me me, every wo/man for themself. They typically have pinpointed campaigns and quests they’re determined to go on and they do so, yes, with a certain vigiliance. It’s as if they can’t separate what might appear to us to be selfish, selfishfrom self-originating sense of duty toward fulfillment. Aries feel they were bornto do whatever they aim for, endowed (and sometimes burdened) with an outsized mantle of import such that said goaimsals feel elevated to that of a spiritually calling. Or maybe it’s vice versa. The point is singular Aries doesn’t second guess it.

I have a surplus of phone calls to make that I really don’t want to make. I actually loathe speaking on the phone more than most things, just one of the many ways, probably, in which I have become neurotic, things falling into that category tending to be things one should work on. I have like four hours before I have to change chores here which is actually really inspiring. I’ve already gotten so much done, it feels like a luxury to sit here and write. Now seems to be about assessing situations. S. is off and running on a new venture—other projects might be more a promotional tool than providers of payoffs, which is far better than fine. I suppose I might be feeling optimistic; and it’s not that I’m being cautiously so, I just emotionally fatigued on that score so to be living frugally on surprise, that said, it could be a year of good counsel, eventful, broadcasting, bookish, show-offy, and of aesthetic and artistic expression, among other things. There will still be the impressario, the scene and playwrighting, the daily Blaguing. So I wax academic—I forgot academia!

In near direct contrast to Aries which precedes it, Taurus, the fixed-earth sign, is ruled by Venus, representing the metaphysical feminine principle. Fixed earth is the fertile garden replete with flowers, the power of attraction. Planet Venus energy is centrifugal, working in the opposite fashion from centripetal Mars, whose symbol recalling a shield and spear or the male genitalia,  Venus’s symbol, a circle over a crosed staff, conversely depicts the womb and intact hymen, innocence. It is the main theme of any garden myth, mainly as it leads to certain temptation, again that power of attraction. The gods (read: human archetypes) associated with Taurus are the earthy nubile nymphs and youthful male flower gods. The main nymph mythi is that of Io, who was turned into a snow-white heifer by Zeus to hide his affair with her from wife Hera who knew what was what and pretended she thought Zeus was giving it to her as a gift. She was going to teach her a lesson (mainly about men). The story of Snow White is a retelling of it all. Did we mention that that Venus womb symbol also recalls a mirror, vanity being one of the sign of Taurus’ pitfalls, the sign’s color being green.

The power of attraction appeals to the senses and appetites, assignations of the sign of Taurus which also rules the throat, the gullet, as well as the voice, symbolizing talents, another attribute of the sign. The second house of Taurus, whose motto is I have, encompasses value(s), talents, assets, both real and metaphoric, along with real possessions, money and all kinds of quality stuff. Whether refering to our own talents, our collectibles, or investment portfolio, it is all a matter of cultivation, tending to that which we hold most dear and at which we are most gifted, that which comes most naturally. The nymphs and flowergods toil nor do they spin, the pastoral sign of Taurus advocating for a passive, come hither, approach to even their own ambition. Their energy goes into drawing interest and audiences to them rather than doggedly chasing some quixotic dream.

You go to the garden it doesn’t come to you. And here we see the link to the vanity, Narcissus, Hyancinth, Adonis all being among those male flower gods. Unlike objective Aries, the natives of which are focused outward, perhaps the least self-consious of indifiduals, the navel (or mirror) gazing Taurus takes a subjective approach to self, inclined to see themself from the outside in, forever making adjustments based on audience appeal so to cultivate that which is most valuable to the Taurus: adulation, if not outright adoration. Cows, calfs, bulls are totems of worship and idolatry.

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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