Leo 18° (August 10)

Stayed in today tried to make things happen. Had some bacon and egg with cheese that ruined my sautée pan. Decided to bike into town for oysters and halibut ceviche and Rachel had her hair and face all done up. Sat next to Declan who works for Tony P. Had long chat with Brian K starting on my walk home. Spoke to him the entire time I pushed my bike across bridge through woods and all the way home. It was helpful to speak with him actually. I feel things are starting to shake out a bit which gives me hope. Spoke to Matty as well and then apparently he saw me on my bike. The pieces may be starting to fall into place although I dare say I’m not totally convinced. I’m feeling like perhaps the prospective place to live isn’t firmly in my grasp. The Ptown women meanwhile have got to be kdding asking what they are asking for what really is a dump, I’m sorry. There is no two ways about it. And talking about zero charm. Good lord. Anyway I don’t really want to have a back up but I will keep in touch with Billy in any case. I had to let the other thing go. Not for any other reason but that it was a thousand dollars overpriced and I need to get my mind around what I really want. And what I really want is to live in Paris in the winter which I’m hoping I can do. I need to take a year off and reinvent myself first. Going through all my writing and so forth. We have been famous in various countries. It looks like it’s snowing my eyesight is obviously shot. Today I was concerned I saw a ghost wizz by but it was probably just the congregate floaters in my eyes. I don’t want to want to think beyond a great deal right now, so I will end it where I began it and you can go fudge yourself. That year we stayed near Monge and never got any sleep at all in that tiny but very cool apartment. 

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