Aquarius 27° (February 16)

 The joy of yesterday which was the end result of an emotional rollercoaster is one big other shoe dropping. I won’t know today how relegated I again am to Siberia. I sent a slew of texts but they fall on deaf ears. I will speak with T.C. about the email he and I received as it is obviously loaded and I just want to keep things from getting poisoned, there is no reason for it. Anyway I keep hoping that the emotional embargo lifts and I’m focusing on cleaning the house and making some food for the week including a roasted chicken. It is fortunate that I have a bit of distraction and though it was “our film” I’ll rewatch “Eurovision…Fire Saga” just because I need some kind of laughter in my life. It saddens me that I haven’t danced or sang or even laughed in way to long a time. I owe it to myself to start figuring out some plans for myself. To get my writing going. To continue to whittle down. With my roasted chicken, the usual bok choy and roasted potatoes. I actually find that making a meal today is the only lifeline I have. This icing out feels so abusive a word I’m not allowed to use apparently. Anyway…

December 1

Yours is a plum life, filled with love and opportunity. Growth is crucial to happiness— you may reinvent yourself numerous times, via career or personal pursuits. You expect great love affairs with larger-than-life characters like you, intent on cultivating the mind.

December 2

With a flamingo pink vibration, it’s a challenge to fly under the radar. You personify flair, often making a living as a tastemaker. Others look to you for cues—you’d rather social direct than follow a flock. You prove you don’t need a fortune to exhibit extravagance. 

December 3

A rich chestnut expresses your outdoorsy nature, which may manifest in long strolls through manicured parks rather than roughing it in the wild. You are a most gentile Sagittarian who cultivates a landed life. Roaring fire and twin black labs not included.

December 4

Vibrating a mushroom color portrays a solid, earthy nature, offset by a resilient, elastic adaptability and versatility. You can create magic from even the most shite circumstance and in the shadiest of environments. Out there, sexy and funny, you are, in a word, a trip.

December 5

Your turmeric aura-glow speaks to an exotic nature and esoteric interests. Like that spice, you add flavor to life, while possessing secret healing capabilities. You trust the natural world to provide cures for whatever ails us, and you’ll seek far and wide to find them.

December 6

Like a splash of orange blossom, yours is a refreshing presence. Ever the optimist, in every sense of the word, you hold positive thoughts and make the most out of every moment. Others learn by your example to remain in the light and let darkness fall away.

December 7

Funny: the hue that most portrays your essence is that of patriarch blue, as Sagittarius rules big ol’ boys clubs. You’re a one wo/man version of one, powerful enough to go toe to toe with anyone in business, yet never dumb enough to shoot a good friend in the face.

December 8

Trailing clouds of regalia purple, you come prepared, a master at “living as if”. You are ever ready for your good—whether it’s Hollywood, the Nobel prize people, or true love calling, you will never be caught unawares. Investing in yourself raises personal stock.

December 9

Rather nonmaterially minded for a Sadge, your aura-glow is like a sweet sangria. No matter how big a fruit you can be, people should know you can deliver a wallop. You harbor no pretensions—a lover of goofy fun, people who pitch in, and, ah, humanity.

December 10

You’re a showgirl, so why wouldn’t your birthday color be purple pizzazz? For you life is about kicking up your heels and giving the people all you got. You become a seasoned performer on the world stage, slipping into retirement, when it suits you, a lot like Cher.

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