As we circle around to Capricorn 15° we find that In A Hospital, The Children’s Ward Is Filled With Toys. A Sagittarian-ruled symbol that heralds the responsibility of society to ensure the welfare and total health of the new generation. That old chestnut. Sagittarius is the sign of both generosity and generations, in all senses of that word. Today we have the response to the previous symbol’s call for rooting out ills and focusing on traditions that serve humanity. Taking care of the welfare of children is literally that. Our culture has created conditions which may harm children who will carry forward its work and habits and we must seek to repair these conditions through loving care. Beyond the literal, children here symbolize our own intutions and dreams for future growth, that which is stymied by our bad habits which either degrade or dreams or stick us in neutral. It’s helpful to think of the dreamer part of ourself as a child whose care is our responsibility—I’m going to try that adjustment on for size today. We have the power to cure our sick inner children. The toys in this image suggest the creative play in which all of us, in some form or another, wish to engage.

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