An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture points to “the will to unearth” that which has value and to “let go of non-essentials. How much more Scorpio, which rules this oracle in a twelve-fold sequence, be. That sign is all about uncovering what lies beneath, whether in our own psychology or in the exposure of that which is culturally hidden or repressed. Yesterday we stared into the fire with our Libran higher consciousness, now we dig deep into the subconcious and subversive. Sometimes we go back into practices of the past, particularly mystery religions and rites to “uncover” that which is lost, to separate out what is useful tradition from that which has become bad cultural habit.

That greed factor we encountered a couple of symbols backā€”that is the cause of most perversion in our culture. Greed forces new habits and addictions, inflicting them upon the masses. And then there comes a time when the Scorpion element of purge must come into play. We must root out that which is sick in our society and yank it from that dug-in source. We must get down to the spiritual nitty gritty of our experience. This can itself take dangerous form for this is where fundamentalist extremism also comes into play. So we must be careful. In our quest for spiritual perfection, we mustn’t in turn impose ourselves upon others. We don’t want to replace root evil with root evil. We want to weed our own gardens so that we might continue to unfold in the friendly fire of our own spiritual nature. We must have eyes wide open and employ historical perspective so that we don’t repeat negative patterns of the past. This historical perspective can be literally that, on a cultural scale, and also apply to us, personally, as in our own personal history. We know when our habits are perverted and making us sick at our root level. We have to dig down and make it right.

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