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Hello You

I hope all is going swimmingly in your world. Gutted that we didn’t get to see your show at [insert last performance here]; I can only imagine it was glorious. Did anybody film it? Anyway, I’d love some verbal if not visual highlights of that and of your life in total—when we can make a moment to chat.

I want to talk about your performing Afterglow again this year, if you’re up for a visit. We are settling into a new rhythm with our new Art House venue. Last year at this time we didn’t know our existing host was about to implode, but we didn’t scramble for long before Art House, which was my first choice of Afterglow venue all the many moons ago, welcomed us with open arms. They team there, which is fantastic, couldn’t have been more supportive and they credit us with bringing their favorite artists and shows to date. And you know, on season, that place is teaming with Pattis, Kristins, Audras & Christines.

The other thing I want to discuss is the newest branch of the non-profit biz. Last year we tried a summer event under the auspice of Glow at Oberon where we do Glowberon (which is finally getting a name change!). Well we’ve decided to activate Glow into a “moveable fest” if you will and we are reaching out to venues, in and around New England, to bottle what we bring to ART/Oberon and so on.

I know we talked about this sort of thing in the past: The non-profit acting as a producer and booker for select artists to create other homes and foster audiences in New England cities and towns, especially, where there are colleges and universities, leveraging our relationship with Harvard to create like collaborations. Related to this we are seeking touring grants from New England agencies like NEFA (that one being applicable only to New England based artists), still outreaching to venues we could also book any and all of our willing Afterglow artist alum.

Whether or not I get the grant for the New Englanders, I’m already mapping out venues which will include museums, clubs and organizations as well as theaters and boites. One more Excel program in progress. With Afterglow in its eighth year I feel like we are starting a new cycle after a nascent one has been completed. And now planning a fourth season at Harvard/ART, with our best press to date this past year, I feel we are in a good position to have some effective conversations with directors of various theater/spaces to whom I can make a strong introduction to our works and, moreover, the works of the great artists we’re so fortunate (and love) to champion.

More scope for Afterglow, more audience and moolah for artists, more exciting programming for venues. Everybody wins. I imagine creating a “circuit” all fueled non-profit, wherein performing artists can loop. I see many possibilities but, steady, not to get a head of myself….


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