Capricorn 30° (January 20)


I’ve kind of freaked myself out these past few dates. I accidentally invented a new character called Socks. At least I think I did. I’m seriously hoping I didn’t conjure something already there, actually. Even writing this I can spook myself. Because I want to describe what he looks like (he has sewn-up mouth for instance which, come on, is pretty effing demonic) but I don’t want to say more in case it brings him further into being. Since I “presented” him in a joking attempt to scare the household lots of weird stuff has been happening. Small stuff but weird stuff, especially in the realm of mechanics. So before I give full birth to this deranged magickal childe I need to do something of a mini exorcism to rid the environment of any bizarro juju.

Good thing nobody reads this Blague, right, because you’d all think I was bonkers. Then again those who know me are certain that I am so I suppose we can view this as a step in the right direction: I’m letting more of the real me be seen. Ha. That is way easier said than done for me. People assume because I’m a quasi public figure who takes to stages and is out there championing arts causes and the like that I’m super outgoing. But the fact is I’m really rather shy, that is, at least, with no drinks in me. Double ha.

It was a full week of clients and, as is typical, I like to ask myself what I learned from them. Detachment is the first, and very Aquarian (this Blague being assigned to this date during the sign of Aquarius), thing that pops to mind. It is so important because, once we get to Pisces and its energy of dissolution, we will need to let go. But what are we detaching into, ah that is the rub. We are not just detaching from. Detachment is not losing. Detachment is releasing…into…trust?….truth? Both for starters. When we encounter a natural ending with work with a client, we take that exit and look forward to seeing what we’ll see off that ramp.

These past couple of weeks have been an incredible journey in confronting all the past accumulations, going through them and extracting from them what needs extracting, all the while knowing it is the only way to move forward because that will soon take every particle of energy I possess. For that one must love winter. The metaphor of hibernation isn’t about sleep, but about digging down into the ground(work) of what was already established and to live on that. But in living on it, to make work the metaphor most literally, means to live off the stored accumulation, the fat of our previous existance, but to burn it off before we emerge starving for new experience. I’m so close, now, to burning off a great deal of it.


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