Aquarius 1° (January 21)


Starsky + Cockney

We do have our own language. For instance if one of us feels nauseus we might say “I’m Elizabeth” as in Hurley as in about to hurl. “I’m Kevin” means I’m spaced out. Richie is came out of merci which became Merce for Merce Cunningham, then simply Richie because of Happy Days. Toots is many things, but it’s mainly an affirmation. Poodle can refer to a dish of quinoa and brown rice with avocado, sometimes seasoned with seaweed, with crispy chickpeas done in a cast iron pan and sautéed kale, topped with Braggs amino acid sauce. Or Poodle can be a term of endearment, from Poodle Skirt.


Reality Winner, Mueller it over, Sessions in Session, Spicer Spicing it all up. Bannon is all for Bannin’. The way of the con Kelly Conway. Kushy Jared Kushner. Malign-ya, Farron von Munchhuasen, something about can …can he use the Whithouses something

Moved to Wellfleet for the Jewish Eye Candy


The list of things (like oil pulling) that you’re supposed to do but if you did you wouldn’t have time to live

Cyclists versus Bikers. They’re different.

Yacht Rock. A song in which Michael MacDonald is featured in some capacity.

Olsen Tins

Bathrooms need to be cleaner for men because they see everything lifting the seat

Not understanding what certain commercials are about

Movie titles in the nineties

Knowing what a laniard is?

Accessible Celebrities

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