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I really hope you don’t mind my using this time to work on grants while double-dutying this copy for the Blague I currently have no real time for. I keep trying to get to the point of being caught up in the day and then also free in the day enough to just use this Blague to be funny and creative. I wear too many hats and have way too little help.

We have yet, in our eight year history, been alloted the funds necessary for a print and broadcast advertising budget. We work miracles with the press, but to go to the next level, we require more investment from the VSB and other sources. We could advertise in other festival towns around the world and draw, mainly LGBTQ, audiences from abroade. Meanwhile we want more local audience, too. And we hope to increase our ability to provide discounts to students and seniors especially, “gifting” Sparklerships (donations of $100), from donors not using them. This boosts attendance and good will among locals. We learned that social media like Instagram is essential for consciousness raising and seek to expand that. We find that private and business funding is unpredictable and seek to partner with more business owners who are the direct beneficiaries of audiences coming to town. We wish to engage local artists more and create more of a residency atmosphere whereby visiting artists can interface with locals. We strive to move works we’ve premiered to other venues with the “Made in Provincetown Afterglow seal of approval. We want more coverage on our work to preserve Provincetown’s little known theatrical heritage.


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