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Targeting bigger Boston-based regional press we secured highly visible TV and print coverage this year. (PBS WGBH, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, others) Our PR-marketing plan focusses on editorial and broadcast, promotional events, posters, postcards, e-blasts, newsletters, web campaigns, new media and social networking, vehicle advertising, staged events, tours and cross-promotion with Dixon Place and The Public Theater in NYC, ART in Cambridge, UnCabaret in L.A., to name a few. We print programs touting our sponsors, but fail to afford advertising. Our branding is ubiquitously praised—a classy, recognizable logo, identity and collateral—with eye-catching posters and other imagery. We hope our new line of offense will be Adversiting with support from PR, shifting more to the national and international level. The impact of local coverage is arguable, while social media among local people and businesses is impactful. We launched a Playbill-Instagram initiative, via a photoblog led by our participating artists. We’ve scored national coverage from the Boston Globe (circulation 232,432 daily) The Huffington Post ( 4-11 million readers, daily) New York Magazine (circulation: 600K ); Media targets include The New York Times, (1,150,589 weekday; 1,645,152 Sunday, Online: 30 million/month););, the Daily Beast (3-10 million daily);; (600,000 daily). Travel, in-flight and arts magazines will be a focus, as our global profile grows. Media websites will include,,,,,, have all provided coverage. Print advertising could be focused on Provincetown Magazine, Provincetown Banner, Cape Cod Times, Boston Globe; Providence Phoenix (80K); Time Out NY (86K); Boston Magazine (92K) given financial resource.

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