As I embark on my first ever trip to the Caribbean which will be had under the most extraordinary of circumstances (so fitting my life experience of Libran extremes), the oracle of the day is: A Group Of People Outfitting A Large Canoe At The Start Of A Journey By Water. I suppose you could call it a canoe and the group of people will be an eight-person crew. As intimated “resource” is a Capricorn notion—as opposed to its so-called opposite sign of Cancer which is source itself. That cardinal water sign is a well-spring of potential, promise, hope and emotionality. The cardinal-earth sign of Capricorn, the SeaGoat, combines the reservoir (experience) of water (emotion) while it symobolizes the need to climb a mountain which might contain that alpine lake, a source of life and conservation, through Capricorn’s wintery month. Using (a Capricorn word) natural resources is endemic to the sign, whether those resources are environmental or personal. We are dealing here in common enterprise, and the homogeneity of the group might be all the more startling as it ventures out. Those assembling on our boat today are combining under a common schema and purpose, if only to achieve a week’s respite away from the norm of northern hemispheric life.

The sign of Capricorn also rules this oracle in a twelve-fold sequence, so we experience a double-barelleled dose of conservative energy. Implicit in the Capricorn experience is status and authroity, so even though this is an oracle of collective experience, it will have been dictated from an executive point of view. Somebody is definitely in charge here. There is privilige and socio-political expediency—which may account for our being fast-tracked by a ship’s captain through customs and passport control. The keynote here is a need for change which the group activity is bend on affecting, whether the individuals involved are conscious of this fact or not.

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