A Human Soul, In Its Eagerness For New Experiences, Seeks Embodiment is what awaits us at 3° Capricorn, suggesting a strong yearning for that which will increase the scope of one’s contacts with other living beings. Growth and understanding on the keynotes, here, both attributes of the sign of Sagittarius which rules this symbol in a twelve-fold sequence. We can take this oracle literally, depending on your beliefts—the metaphysical notion that we shoose the instant of our conception and the precise moment of our borith, thus the exact organization of the constellations—but we can also view this symbolically as well, in that we can, at any moment, be reborn in certain embodiment of our beliefs or self-imagination. Ask any Sagittarius person and they will tell you that they have a strong will toward new experiences, whether they be constructive or destructive remains to be seen. But here in the sign of Capricorn, whose motto is “I use” this experience will not be wasted of frivolous, it will be fully absorbed and utilized. Even if there is a destructive aspect, the lesson learned will not be for nought, but fully assimilated into the consciousnesss. What is at the core here is the desire to prove to oneself, not to others, contained Capricorn energy ruling the former impulse, whilst expanisive Sagittarius may govern the latter.


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