At 2° Capricorn we encounter Three Rose Windows In A Gothic Church One Damaged By War which follows the previous sign whereby one claims central power to wield for the collective. Ruled by Scorpio in a twelve-fold sequence, we here see that sign’s element of destruction—ruled by Pluto, named for the god of demise. One will lose some elements of that which characterizes the spirit of the collective in the assumption and display of power. The ntegration one seeks to maintain will be compromised via any display of vioulence. The rose window represents the three-fold spirit of man, and in making any violent move, that which will be destroyed is not just the target of man’s violence but the part of himself where his love and compassion “lives”. Waste is the keynote of this oracle which is the flipside of the Capricorn motto “I use”—Capricorn is the sign of preservation and resource and it makes one ultra aware of what is being squandered or wasted.

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