Scorpio 21° (November 14)


The party last night was pretty fantasic. We spent the morning doing our own thing and met J at Elizabeth Gage, a designer showroom slash shop we’ve been gagging to see. I had half a full E (and by that I mean English breakfast not drugzz); then I decided to walk through Mayfair and Green Park, taking my life in my hands to cross that road (highway basically, I’m sure it is the A something or other)—Grovesnor whatever—crossing into Belgravia, around the square, where S + J were already mulling. My insecurity kept making me feel like people were looking at me like we were rough.

Mulling over thoughts on the Leo for the show: Lion King and Sun King. Providing warmth and protection to others while engaging them, employing them. Being HQ. Giving others life. Peforming mricacles. Buidling a dynasty. A sense of permanence. The local hero. The sign of Picaresque heroes and personal gods like Hestia, to whom all hearths were sacred and Artemis, goddess of the hunt, lioness amongst women said Homer who was the most widely worshipped of all the gods, her cult, at the last solely rivalring Christianity. We all must be local heroes of sorts.

Passions, passtimes, moments of Pleasure right and then opposite Aquarius is Joy. But Leo’s pleasures aren’t bad. They are the simple joys. Again hobbies and the like. But also love affairs by the fire. Personal loves. Building family, entourage. Work or creative teams where you bring people along. Redford and Sundance. Rowling and the Wizarding World. Napoleon, Castro, Mussolini, Martha Stewart. Being king of your own castle. Creating your circle of influence. Self-appointed Stardom. Fire offers protection. Sway. Arthur creating something noble. Helios (Heloise). Hero gods. Prometheus? Forethought. A hero. A champion—of mankind. Prometheus freed by Heracles, another hero associated with this sign. It is about wanting to improve humanity, to enoble it.

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