Sagittarius 21° (December 13)


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Aquarian “water bearer” of everlasting life. In Greek myth, the cup bearer, Hebe, pours the nectar that ensures the gods’ youthful immortality. John the Baptist too bears the baptismal waters of everlasting life. He, the lone voice in the wilderness, alienated, outcast, a madman, the weirdo on the shortbus who’s really just ahead of his time. Well we know how alienating being a progressive can be!

But Aquarius fixed-air is a point of light. A star. The Star in the Tarot depicts the Waterbearer. It surely does. It’s our true north. Truth. Revelation. Aquarius’ motto is I know. We can’t tell you how to have a revelation, but it will come in the eleventh hour if you’ve done all you can do. The eleventh house that of the future. Revelation gives you a glimpse. It’s also the house of humanity into whose arms you might fall. A trust exercise. Opposing Leo, the Sun, Aquarius is our own distant star to which we may return.

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