Sagittarius 20° (December 12)


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Sagittarius—excess—run amok is then restricted, contained by Saturn-ruled Capricorn whose motto is I use, that is to say I don’t waste, I save.. Capri-corn, the goat horn of plenty, is all resource. Capricorn is cardinal-earth, the mountain with its natural resevoirs. We go to the mountain to receive god’s commandments, rules, restrictions—designed to help others rise up spiritually. The sign rules the bones and skin, structure and containment. And for some strange reason God tells Moses build your tabernacle from goat hair. Mo-hair.

Tragedy. The word derives from the Greek tragodia—am I pronouncing that right?—meaning Goat Song. The scapegoat saves us by riddding us of excess sin, baggage. Do Capricorn people tend to be scape-goated? Sure.

But your point is well taken. We all must ask ourselves for what are we willing to do? How much YOU willing to sacrifice, and for WHAT CAUSE for the good of all people. Saturn rules Capricorn. In myth he’s the old deposed king, cut down. His emblem is the sycthe, the sickle, the grim reaper, old father time.



Roy Moore lost this night


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