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The thing people probably know least about us is that we’ve had an extensive background in many facets of fashion and design. People think of us as writers full-stop but it isn’t the full story by a long-shot.

 Fresh out of college we moved (back) to Paris, having met on a junior year abroad two years prior. We worked, respectively, as a stylist’s assistant and an editorial assistant at giant, glossy, eighties magazines based there, infiltrating big fashion shows and otherwise dancing on tables or with slinky, asymetrically bare-breasted revelers at clubs.

 Two years later in New York City, where we have always, in some manner, though oft infrequently, remained, we were an a respective junior buyer at Bergdorf Goodman and an assistant editor at Avenue magazine. Soon we respectively became a designer at a hot, new sportswear company and a magazine editor, fashion and entertainment writer. (Both also actors). Then we respectively became a consultant for top-name designers and a fashion-TV producer, top-newspsper and glossy magazine feature writer. (Writing horoscope features and columns, ultimately, under our current moniker.) We did fashion and celebrity PR; we wrote ad copy for design magazines. On the strength of our bylines, we were regular “fashion expert” contributors to top in-store magazines with caché.

 Though we already had a book deal for Sextrology, it didn’t stop us from taking the tandem/shared job, each of us given the title Executive Editor, at Wallpaper magazine in London. We continued playing fashion experts when asked, while the esoteric brand took off. We had a design clause worked into our book contract such that we could steer the design of the cover and inside art work. All was done to our very precise specifications.

 We found we had a burning desire to translate our work with symbols and imagery into an elegant high-end line of jewelry. We barely put the word out there when we had partners and made a giant splash with our original collection. Ten years later we are doing it on our own steam which has brought such joy to my life. Having something tangible to play with again feels so necessary, and it is a fulfilling means via which to channel aesthetic creativity so very akin to our writing and consultancy work.


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