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We were recntly asked a series of six questions by an author with a webiste about other authors. I thought I’d share some of those thoughts here with you (in fact I’m writing the responses here so they can double as my next nine Blagues.

Here is question one:

People have reactions across the spectrum to their astrological sign, from fascination to disbelief. But everyone is interested in sex. You’ve combined a knowledge of the zodiac with a curiosity as to behavioural patterns. That seems to come from an understanding of people.

We like to watch. Seriously, our shared interest and ultimate immersion in astrology all began with observation. Beginning in our student days, we noticed that men and women of the same sign were, often, very, different from each other. Such that, as an expression of our own brand of humanistic astrology, we consider the Zodiac to have twenty-four gender signs. Still, unlike work with priviate individual clients, successfully writing on the subject of general sun-sign astrology requires exposing specific elements of truth about each of the signs. Over decades of observation we have discerned twenty-four distinct archetypes, under which we all in turn fall, and wherein we share, with other fellows of our sign, more than meets the eye. Obvious traits in appearance and beheavior unite folks under the aegis of their sign; while there are deeper, more metaphysical motivators at play. You can’t escape your archetype, we say, and we credit the symbolically Zodiac with offering infinite insights into we the people born under them. And our archetypes don’t get checked at the bedroom door: Sex and sexuality are important elements of personhood and so, in our philosophy, our signs likewise determine our intimate predispositions and proclivities.


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