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And even more a knowledge of archetypes. Sextrology, your exceptional bestseller, is far more than A-goes-with-B-but-leave-C-well-alone. It is erudite, witty and draws on a range of concepts, examples, mythology, symbols and well-known icons. It feels full of stories?


We conceived Sextrology to function on a number of levels simultaneously. The Sex- in the title was meant to signify gender first and sexuality second.. We definitely wanted to get our original starry philosophy out there, and really build an argument. But we wanted to temper the more academic suppositions with a supple, straightfoward style. It isn’t your granny’s astrology. We like to think we read like lively, heady dinner party conversation, at turns serious and sophticated and funny, comparative in sociology, religion and literature, weaving myths and fairy tales and pop references into something approaching seamless. We want to tickle funny bones as well as challenge minds on the subject. Not to mention have a little stylistic fun with the erotic bits.

We are all all full of stories. And, for some reason we can’t fully understandthe those born under the same sign do share a similar plot. Be it real, metaphorical or metaphysical. As we continue to trace the myths and legends of multiple archetypal figures associated with any particular sign, these stories do serve, in many ways, as parrables for those born under it.


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