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Missionary Sponsors of the Afterglow Festival are local businesses or entities that donate just $500 and, for that amount, can put five people on our “Sparkler” list to receive half-price tickets to all shows. They also come as our guest to our opening night party. Meanwhile, they get to write off the donation. Last year we had an uptick in Missionary Sponsors. This year, as if someone called a meeting of Missionary Sponsors, they have all (after writing them multiple emails) opted out of supporting us. It really bothers me that I personally but also all our audience and artists make it a point to support these local businesses, year on year; and then they can’t so much as help us out that much even though we give them so much in return for their donation.

In the past few years Provincetown has seen a lot of new businesses coming to town and profiting on people of taste by offering goods and services that appeal to people of taste like ourselves. We tout the hell out of them and they give to us at first because we helped increase awareness. Then, I dunno, people get greedy, maybe. And they just want to make make make without giving. So I have written this, this year:

Afterglow Festival sponsorships traditionally start at the thousand dollar mark. And though we would never dissuade you from giving at that level, Afterglow seeks to penetrate the imaginative, supportive spirit of our kindest Provincetown and Cape Cod entrepreneurs and entities who are better able to sponsor the festival with a more modest donation. So we created an affordable sponsorship (that, in essence, pays you back in kind) for small and local businesses and enterprises—those with restaurants, inns, shops, products and services, which we already promote to our visiting festival-goers. Did you know that 85% of our audience comes from off-Cape?

Our MISSIONARY SPONSORSHIP at the $500 level is not only tax deductible to the full extent of the law, but it also entitles five employees and/or friends to half-price tickets to all Afterglow Festival shows (September 12-16, 2017). Afterglow simply forgoes its usual cut at the box office. So not only are you supporting Afterglow, now, when we need it, you’re also giving pals and those in your employ affordable access to the hottest, newest, most progressive performances to hit Provincetown in each year.

And that’s not all. The Afterglow Festival will feature your place of business on its website, in its newsletters and in any print programs, actively directing our audience to your doors. Plus, it gets better: As a Missionary Sponsor, you and your crew are guest-listed for our parties and events, including our Opening Night Drinks Party at the Harbor Lounge, followed by our Sponsor Sit Down at Baie, September 11, with visiting artists and fellow friends of the Afterglow Festival.

So let’s review: As little as five hundred clams you needn’t give to the government…as many as five happy employees and friends who see any and all Afterglow shows at half-price…your whole crew on our party guest lists…promotion via our website, eblasts and print literature…and, oh yeah, we almost forgot: that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from being part of and fostering, a community where art and commerce can work hand-in-hand to honor and champion Provincetown’s birthright as a cultural center for progressive live performing arts as befits its century old status as the birthplace of the modern American stage. How about that?

Our roster Missionary Sponsors have included Kiss & Makeup, The Canteen, Strangers & Saints, Fanizzi’s, The Waterford, The Shor, Roux, Ken Fulk, Mercedes Cab, TJO Home. Other local business sponsors include Salt Hotels, Ptown Bikes, The Art House.




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