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Bridget Everett was on The Tonight Show the other night and it made me so happy. I always knew, and said aloud, that of all the artists we work with Bridget will be the one to (first!) have full-on mainstream success. Other artists we work with are surely as talented, sometimes even those with surplus talent, though, get in their own way in some manner or another. Not Bridget. She was always going to go all the way because she didn’t/doesn’t give a fuck about who thinks what about her or what she thinks of you. She has always been the consummate professional, naviagating her way with a triangular sail with three points—talent, humilty, hard work.

Which is why she was so natural on a program like the Tonight Show. She has been waiting to sit in that seat all her life, but surely not in any desperate way. Only in an obvious one, as if it was inevitable it would happen. She’s kind and she’s caring but she doesn’t put people on a pedestal. I watched the clip of her on the show a couple of times, once just watching Jimmy Fallon’s face. He was seeing something (someone) he’d never seen before; we’re used to people being amazing. Jimmy Fallon is used to stars coming on to advance some project. Bridget didn’t need anything from Jimmy or the show, even though she has two major movies happening right now, plus her touring, plus, I’m sure, offers pouring in. When does it happen in your forties that you have honed your creative skills to such a point where you know in your body and soul that the outcome of success and a little fame is just a natural occurance. That’s what I see with Bridget. It’s great.

Watch the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8Ab-PuF1DY


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