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Don’t get me started on realtors. Or do. The realtors in Provincetown are all making money off selling houses, sometimes, and condos, mostly. The percentage of homes being sold that turn out to be second houses that sit empty or are rented out to a weekly series of tourists is staggering. Realtors profit from creating a sort of anonymous relationship with Provincetown, either way. Nobody moves to Provincetown yearround. So I feel that real estate agencies in Provincetown should be especial contributors to non-profit entities that are at risk of dying out due to this hands-off population being propigated in the town of P.

Now, you might think that I should probably find a nice way to convice realtors to contribute to a non-profit cause such as ours: preserving the tradition of being an incubator for fringe performance and progressive theater as befits Ptown’s birth right as the birth place of modern American theater. But believe me I have. And as a demographic I can safely say that not a single realtor in the town of Provincetown has ever donated a penny to our non-profit. Ironic, again, since they are the ones profiting from the kind of gentrification that could sound our death nell. And for the record I have tried the kind and cajoling approach for the last six years, now I feel like I have to take a tougher loving approach.

So come on realtors of Provincetown. You are making soooo much money on selling houses to people who rent them out weekly, in turn, making a profit, not of which we non-profits see in tax money. Hotel guests are taxed and that money goes toward great entities like the Visitors Service Bureau which offers grants to non-profits like ours. Number are down because more and more visitors are opting out of hotels and opting for weekly rentals or AirBnbs which don’t contribute to any non-profit cultural fund. That sucks. So back to you realtors. I’m going to be in your face to shake you down this year. And you’re going to thank me for it. You’re going to have a warm and fuzzy feeling you mightn’t otherwise have. If only as a result of a stinging gadfly chasing you all the way to the bank to release some funds our, and other non-profits’ way.


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