Cancer 11°

Today feels like the first hot day on the Cape. I made the mistake of going onto Facebook and seeing someone posting about this great old property in Provincetown, which I always dreamed of turning into a theater, which CVS wants to buy, but the town turned them down, so now CVS is suing the town.

One of Provincetown resident who fancies themselves an artist and an activist was urging people to sign a petition to stop CVS from doing whatever they’re doing while another resident, whom I believe has been in town way longer, was saying they wanted the cheaper meds that CVS would mean. Now, how much cheaper could CVS meds be than the existing Stop & Shop pharmacy and why do we need two pharmacies. But on the other hand, this person trying to “save” Provincetown from inauthenticity is someone who has never worked a day in their life and still had enough trust fund to buy a house and makes their money from renting to visitors who pay through the nose to be here in this increasingly gentrified landscape. Anyway, the irony was just ricocheting every which way.

The Spring is absolute bliss on Cape Cod and I always forget that fact until it gets horribly hot and there are people everywhere and the traffic is bumper to bumper and you can’t get on the beaches because all the lots are full. And so it goes. We hit the beach in the early morning or evening, especially, at low tides and walk and walk and walk and walk. I have in fact managed to learn to live life rather well, on not very much money I shoud say, enjoying certain luxuries other people have lived their whole lives for. I decided at thirty-years old, that I was going to live near the ocean and I haven’t not since.

After having been a homeowner for so many years, I gave that up nearly a decade ago. I’m ready to own again, I think. But the way of the world is that one is continually priced out of certain pictures. I really don’t want to be one of those people. And yet I’ve never really frontloaded material solvency so I can’t say, even, how possible that might be. I do know I can leave this neck of the woods and get a lot more for less; but there is something about this area that will forever be home and so I’m going to keep the vision of owning some groovy place here, by the sea, firmly in my minds eye.

I have so much on my plate these coming weeks. For one I’m trying to finish our Haute Astrology horoscope books for the coming year, and I have two festivals to plan and pull off and also a business plan to edit. And of course ye old fundraising for all that I do non-profit. That’s really just in the month ahead and I’m determined to make it fun and fabulous, even if it kills me.