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So if you read yesterday’s posting you’d know: I had worked my way out of a Blague backlog where I had to write about thirty posts in a matter of days to catch up to myself; and, in part, to do so I created a questionnaire of thirty questions—I didn’t get to the last third (yet) because I was already ten posts in when I had this questionnaire idea—but I know I have a failsafe liferaft for emerging from another thirty days in the whole.

Okay so here’s the kicker: I was so excited I was catching up to myself that “before answering the last (20th) question I said something like…”before I begin let me say…a whole bunch of stuff….a lot more than I anticipated….and by the time I finished my tangent I forgot to read the last question let alone answer it.

So I came back to the post prepared to “add on” more, and address the question, but the question was so great and a bit poetic because (I don’t know how I knew the 20th question would be the last because I actually wrote 30) but it was in the form of a question that knew that I had reached my destination where I was ready to move forward into the light of day without that nagging feeling of being behind.

Now look, I get behind because I have so much to do. So I was thinking that once I caught up on the Blague I would try to combine writing the Blague into my day which also required a lot of writing (and the taking of pictures) to create content for my four websites—this Cosmic Blague, my two festival websites, and for the Starsky + Cox online headquarters as well. And I had this vision that I would emerge as this seamless itinerant, starting last night, as I headed into the center of Provincetown to meet with friends and visits other friends’ new businesses and restaurants, and see their gallery shows, and all this sort of fun stuff from which words and pictures are made.

I had even spent the journey into town telling Stella this entire story. How I didn’t read the question until after I wrote the Blague and how the question was so poetic and it even asked me, in cheeky interview style something like “could I know move forward in words and pictures” and basically not lose the momentum and create content as I go and make my connections and feel that sort of, yes, there it is, seamlessness. Then I spent the next three hours enjoying a perfect Provincetown night not once using my iphone camera.