Scorpio 22° (November 14)

Slightly more active today. Been perusing the Wellfleet news pages pretty obsessively. Had some back and forth with Patrick which was nice. Looking forward to S.’s return tomorrow.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1136-1140 I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

Today is never a good day. Neither is eight days from now nor Father’s Day. As much as I love June, I have so many negative associations with it. My sister shares a birthday with Trump; how perfect is that?

Stella comes back today which is good. We have a very busy week after all. I think we may have to move a client, however, which is something, really, we never do. I am so looking forward to these next weeks of painting and so forth; although the blue in the bathroom, I think, might look bad.

I have a nervous feeling of having done something wrong. Do you know that feeling. It’s old. As is any kind of cult of worry. I really have gotten past it. I hope. Although the same demons do come back to bite me in the ass.

There is a note written in my planner on this day about some kind of “trick” for the new book. How crazy and wonderful it will be now to be focusing solo on new thoughts and new material and to be able to represent (the cosmic) here. The stuff that happens in the course of putting those thoughts together is really the Blague (joke) part. At least that is the hope.

It is hard to be motivated when you feel quote-unquote behind. But I have to say, starting some time around the 17th or 18th of this month, I will be seamlessly matching this forum with the what-not I need in the course of the day’s work at hand. Multi-purpose. To which I will add my social media. But I have to spoon that stuff in.

I really do feel that I will have a large following eventually on here; but to do that I actually have to tell people I write this. Yeah, see that could be a problem…

A friend asked a question to which I want to answer.

 Hi! I’ve given your question some thought and I think the answer is in making tiny adjustments that work with the unfolding or rather, are part of it. First of all, enjoy the magic, make no major changes, keep things basically just the way they are; allow yourself to enjoy the way things are this year; much of the relaxation you feel is in comparison to last year with the boat and such; so this year just enjoy the fact that business is growing, and will be booming, just as you find yourself with more calm and time which, being summer, we talked about your using to get to the beach, surf, and otherwise provide yourself a 360° existence even whilst in your busy season with a burgeoning business. I think being available to the steady success of Baie while not stressing out in the least would be the greatest accomplishment and constitute “success” at the juncture. You might find that this is a rhythm you want to establish for all time.

There really is nothing cooler than a successful business that doesn’t have to do promotion. And I would basically shy away from doing anything traditional—no press releases, no nothing of the sort. The right people already know that Baie is a rare gem of quality culinary experience in Provincetown. All you have to do is to continue to express yourself and your creativity and to unfold the beauty of your vision and share it. Which is exactly what you’re doing. Should you have some beautiful business cards made? Of course, but only when you feel like it. Meanwhile you can get a stamp and some blank cards, whatever. It doesn’t matter. Just keep enjoying and creating the experience. They will continue to find you. Believe us on this one.

Now, just as you might get some nice cards, you will keep up your Instagram, which is already beautiful; and you’ll find your own way and language with the messenging and the photography. I think if you’re looking to “promote”, say, the daytime experience at Baie, you might focus on that bit of the experience, otherwise just letting your followers know what’s cooking, what’s being thought of the kitchen, maybe a little philosophy or why you love cooking certain things or elements of decor or wines or desserts or what have you. You could hone that personal voice coming from Baie into Social Media.

But that’s all I would do this summer if that. I think post-season you can be more reflective. I think doing some cool, boutique events in the Fall might be interesting and “newsworthy” for local press and so forth. But, ultimately, what should happen post-season, is cultivating your chef profile and, if there is promotion to be done, to let media, newspapers and I think television, especially, know that you are who you are and you have the resume you have and you have this exceptional restaurant in an exceptional place and that it is a destination for international tastemakers, designers, food critics, etc. And in the meantime the mainstream press will be coming there and writing you up without your lifting a pinky these next three months.

Not much on the books today, thankfully. I ‘ll just keep the flow going on writing and do some painting and other home improvement stuff. And I’m just going to let the festival shuffle along for a full days, having things pretty much where I need them to be this month en route to pulling major trigger after July 4.

I have this dream of opening a stationers shop. I feel it’d be fun to have a bunch of beautiful things in stock, and to do classy printing and other such things, working with some kind of genius designer of that sort—possibly Emily; now that’s an idea—so that would entail looking for some backing all it’s own. Not sure. But I do like the idea of paper and tangible items. Perhaps doing jewelry and stationery simultaneously. Something modeled on those little black books I used each year during the 90s, they’re all down stairs filled with wide-eyed plans and fear of death. And of course telescopes, objets d’art, and so forth. I will miss not going to Kirstie Alley’s house this year, but Alaska should be pretty fun too.

Weightloss begins at the emotional level.

Among other things, I’m all caught up, pretty much, on my banking and so forth. I was intrigued by the notion of the golden visa in Portugal, but honestly I think I can do better. Not to say having an apartment in Lisbon or Porto wouldn’t be cool, but, truth be told, I could just focus on France for a couple of years, with a few side trips here and there. There is a small apartment available in “our neighborhood” which might do the trick for a bit. I wonder if we mightn’t be able to set ourselves up at Mrs. Ma’s, to be honest. That would make quite a splash I must say.

The thing about [sic.] is I cannot stand to make mistakes or break anything. I feel that all will go wrong if I accidentally smash an old coffee or tea cup; and then it usually does because the power of that weird belief. It’s about how I’m hard on myself. That’s a theme.

Newsletter Stories: The Grant for New England Artists. The New Glow Festival. The new name of the Oberon series and who is in it. This year’s roster. What we are aiming for with grants in terms of residency. The amping of the Sparkler program.

Paris is all I can think about. And to that point I think that I should make it a goal to have it be the one city. And if push came to shove the only place I live. It really is so doable. And we will be rather forceful in our bid for residency because why not. We can totally make this formula work. And indeed I have every intention of making it so.

 Action Items

(Leo) meditation : that you are the appointed to so that who you are and what you do is the most important thing. Everybody wishes they were you. Anecdote about the Dr. role in Streetcar. Or that commercial where the old lady physicist is a celebrity.

List: What are the top ten things about being you?


Wikipedia and IMBD

The Apothecary. G. K. D. F. Sexy metal containers. How to make essential oils, room energizers, dentefrice.

Letters to Editors starting with Michelle Promalayko.


the notion to run Wheel as one would a magazine. March 2019 would be anniversary edition of Sextrology plus the book club of sorts for generating even more ideas. working backwards from March! Do the fortnight thing then?

Needing to put not one but two proposals into works.

Sidebars: Paradox, Color, Plant, Animal, Asteroid, Tree, Lesser Gods (smaller muscles), your place on the wheel, individual birthday? not for this book.

Revisit the Sabian Symbols as they relate to the BB of Ds.

The foreign world of books
Lectures, workshops

Social Media

Putting together a content Calendar. Morning S + C Tweet

re-merching magazines that have covered us, maybe Throwback Thursday?

Looking for blaggers with more than 25K followers—working out some kind of trade maybe.

Crosstalk. We could converse with each other, on Twitter. Instagram visiaul only

Today is the Day That X Happened.

Alias Corbett-Leone? Things we did in the past that are fabulous

The Weather Within….brought to you by As Above So Below, the fastest acting metaphysical alignment solution on the market!

Mantra Monday.

Fortnight work.

Sexy Wednesday : Hump Day? 3 Instagrams per day?

QC Twitter is Blague related.

Following the intro inserts, Blague will focus on the sic. It must revert to personal writing.


Performers: Falcone and Darlene.


Libras make up words, sniglet
Geminis see life as a bargain they’re making.
Sidebars: Colors, Stones, Plants, Animal totems, Additional myth, Taro cards.
Scorpio mining the material Taurus
Talk about signs in terms of their placement on the wheel, before and aft?N’s sentences can com off of house rulership and keywords for the most part making it manifest in the third person, etc

Aries the most elemental female putting out signals, actiely wanting. grazing, grazing. Aries is all gimme gimme gimme

Shows and Songs

I remind myself there is a Lecture Worksheet
W.I.T. is about S + C evolution
Update the song file…You’ll go to Hell et al, en route to archiving all shows
The Friendly Fires song Paris
Nothing in this world can stop me thinking about….Kinks/The Shelters

Social Media

QC Twitter. Every individual performer plus key ones. Laura Linney Tony Goldwyn, SJP et al. QC folows personal friends and places around the world. More travel. And posting about things done as QC and WL

Travel writer Resume

S+C other metaphysicians, clientele, cool things of that sort.


Realtors, Hotels, Boston folks, Wharf people, Press release.

Social Media

Afterglow Twitter follows all our artists and local businesses. Glow fest follows all boston people, local


Magical Metallurgical D. Jewlery. D. Adornment
Power in symbols and shapes and colors
Stones as well as metals, alloys. Precious stones have power
Symbol for each degree. Esoterially empowered
Lockets, Amuluets Tannis route
Solid perfoume
Hans Jared? Josephine.

This melted circus peanut does not represent me as an American citizen. The G-7 summit is like having your crazy, raged-filled addict, thug-mental father, whose abuses you’ve had to withstand behind close doors, suddenly flaring up at a graduation party or other such gathering of friends and their families, revealing what you’ve had to endure in the privacy of your own world. There is certain embarrassment, apology and shame; and yet a sense of relief that outsiders are witnessing first hand the type of environment in which you’ve had to live and try to endure. As the Congress of enablers sits back and lets it happen—both complicit Republicans and doormat Democrats—we find we have to take to the streets and to the airwaves and to social media to let the world know that we are being held hostage by this erratic blob of melted crayon nobody wants to color with. This is beyond flip-flopping. This is deliberate confusion and dysinformation on parade. The cringeworthy cretan showing up late, causing conflict, leaving early. This is the dysfunctional relative that ruins every family gathering because they have no real personal power but the bravado of their position to cause disorder and chaos. We need to disown this miscreant. This Grendel. This Gollum. This gargoyle mass of makeup and eyebags and grease and hair must be impeached and prosecuted and ultimately put a way in a cell where he belongs, mumbling to himself to the end of his days about his power of self pardoning. He has got to go now.

People say “someboday has to do something” and yes well I think that somebody is you and me and everyone we know and we have to do both those things. and we need to see some strong democrats who speak up with some fire, and rally crowds all their own, awake and emerge from this sleepy hollow of progressive idealism. the era of polite democratic politics is over. rolling up ones sleeves needs to be more than affectation. it has to be necessity and in small towns all over this nation people like you and me should be plopping down a soap box and starting to spew some love for this country because, like Cher and others said, this Gilead shit is real.

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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