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Question No. 5: In considering social media, what do you think would make the best strategy overall and which social media outlets would you use. Do you have an original ideas on how to create interest in the artists you’re presenting and engage other individuals and businesses in the area and to liaise with other arts organizations and generate substantial buzz?

I do think that Twitter and Instagram accounts might make sense. The festival should follow performers and known audience. It might also follow some local businesses which share a sensibility with the festival. I really believe in taking the time to dialogue with audience and other creative entrepreneurs, citing them whenever possible. I do think it might be of some benefit to liaise with other arts organizations although this seems to have a parallel energy which is to say one of little connection. My desire is to find audience and to connect with people and to bring them what is sorely missing in the Boston area which is thriving, innovative performance. I think it’s important to project a good vibe with social media and I think that Twitter is better for putting out articles attached and so forth and any press or things of that nature, really information, whilst the Instagram would be best in portraying the feel and aesthetic of the brand.


That’s all I got on that one.