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Question No. 4: What might you say to Boston- and Cambridge-based individuals to convince them to part with $100 donation so to become a Glow Sparkler and receive a discount on all this new festival’s. What incentives and perks might you offer them?

This reminds me of question 2. But I’ll try again.

Hello! Introducing the first annual non-profit Glow Festival for Cambridge this summer July 27-30 featuring a handful of performers including Justin Vivian Bond and Penny Arcade. We are starting small year one and hope to raise a mere $10K in the next month from among would-be festival “Sparklers” donating just $100. Please make a donation of which you totally write off and you will receive a special code for 20% discount on all shows as our gift. Plus you’ll be invited to party with us during the festival. We have big dreams to make Glow a big a fringe festival for Cambridge and to continue our work to create a home for progressive live performers, here, as we have with the Afterglow Festival in Provincetown and our Glowberon series over the school season at Harvard. We do it all non-profit. So please help us, take the write off, and come play with us in July!