It’s important to remember that the Sabian Symbols were first created/divined in 1925, especially when you wake to an oracle entitled A Negro Girl Fights For Her Independence In The City; while begging the question: how much have things really changed in the past ninety years. A lot, and then again, not enough. If yesterday was meant to open us up to new fields of experience, today we are hard pressed to explore this newness while eradicating or making peace with the “ghosts of the past”. This image is ruled by the sign of Pisces in a twelve-fold sequence, which is the mutable-water sign that translates to mists and fog and, ruled by Neptune, whose symbol is a trident; it is an emblem of the triple goddess, especially the triple goddess in triplicate, the nine muses whose mother is Mnemosyne, memory. Pisces and its astrological twelfth house are hinged on non-material existence and, as the hingepin of the zodiac, it is associated with the womb-tomb experience, the space between life and death, where we are assembled as the culmination of all that has come before, whether literally, or as an amalgam of past and karmic experience. Here, at 12° Gemini, we are seeking to liberate ourselves from the vestiges of the past, dissolving them away. Neptune, and Pisces’ mutable-water assignation, represent the energy of dissolution, certain relief, even sacrifice, resulting in spiritual liberation and soul asylum.

We all have ghosts in the form of collective karma, whether it be racial or societal or in regard to disabilities or addiction or sexuality or even our own physicality fitting some preconceived mold of beauty. In some ways we cling to the past because it offers security in the familiar. We want to take our ancestors with us, to hold onto as we enter uncharted territory. But we must dissolve our preconceptions and predjudices based on the past, we need to be as new to our field of experience as it is to us. We must allow ourselves not only to act differently, as I urged yesterday, but to be different. So let today be a womb-like experience, from whence a new you can truly emerge. Start with the past and seek to remove the ghosts of your own incarnations, that which you’ve embodied in this life time (and, sure, if you can remember past lives you might let those go too); you needn’t be the you you were yesterday. The flipside of memory is forgetting, letting dissolve into the mists of the past that which no longer serves. Pisces and Neptune promise a certain oblivion—its why Pisces people are so susceptible to anesthetizing agents—but it needn’t take the form that lands you in Hazelton. In lieu of medication, meditation or just plain old relaxing can set us in the right direction, if not completely take us there. We can transcend even the energetic holds that are put upon us, or we place on ourselves. So imagine with me today that all negativity is being released from your physical, astral and spiritual body. There is nothing you’re holding onto from the past. No fear, no social anxiety, no bracing for some proverbial other shoe to drop. It is all an illusion and, yeah, you don’t need it.


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