How perfect that today’s symbol at 11° Gemini, Newly Opened Lands Offer The Pioneer New Opportunities For Experience is ruled by the eleventh sign of Aquarius in a twelve-fold sequence. Aquarius is all about boldly going where one has yet to go, on any level. For me, this oracle appears at a good time because I am in a cycle where I feel as if I’m doing the insane thing of acting in a familiar manner while expecting different results; and I want very much to break out of that. So the opportunity for new experience can come from approaching even the same old work and challenges, in a different way. And that can happen today or any day. There is no right or wrong way to go about things. Sometimes we can have a new experience even given a regular routine. A new approach actually adds up to being a new, different kind of person in the approach. That is to say our own personal evolution toward what Jung considered individuation can be had via the how not the what. For me, the Libra with great expectations, I can get hung up on results; especially in situations where I’m producing events where audience or RSVPs are a marker of success. In some ways I’m stuck in the shadow side of the energy of the previous sign, the uphill climb and battle. And me with my Aquarian moon; one would think that I could be lovingly detached from my constant, cyclical projects at hand. But it requires some shaking up of the experience and probably more yoga and meditation.

It’s often easier to face the unfamiliar than it is to tackle something routine. That damn law of diminishing returns can hover over the whole experience. Sometimes things just seem written, like when Nancy Kerrigan skated onto the ice that one Winter Olympics, I just knew, and blurted aloud, “she’s got silver written all over her.” First of all what’s wrong with silver? Secondly, perhaps this kind of intution about things can be a boon that can help defeat undo disappointment. One shouldn’t have great expectations and a sinking feeling at the same time, but one or the other. And again it comes down to the individual. The symbol for Aquarius is two waves, but Aquarius, like Gemini and Libra, is an air sign, so they are really brainwaves, those which are up to us to alter and, in so doing, we can change the perspective, the energy, indeed the alchemy of the situation. And we can do so in an instant.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the symbol of which surely having inspired the design of the Starship Enterprise

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the symbol of which surely having inspired the design of the Starship Enterprise

So I’m going to do a little experiment—why don’t you join me. Let’s look at what’s on our plate and accept the fact that it is of our choosing. Then, wherever there is any element of dread involved, let’s change that story. Either we remove the components that cause us stress or anxiety, or we decidedly go about them from a completely different angle than we ever have before. What is dread, really, but prethinking? So let us first not prethink. I often tell clients, “If you’re worrying than you’re not working,” and I sometimes must practice what I preach. Because really the task or project at hand isn’t the problem; the real issue is our own particular battle within for a certain joy-in-efficacy; and it is important to give ourselves things in life that we can accomplish without too much struggle that impart said joy. This “blague” for instance. I do it every day and it does provide solace and, yes, happiness; I have no expectations of it, really, which is out of character as I mentioned. It is just a thing I do, a new field of experience into which I can bleed. As I write this I realize that it might be doing something unexpected in the process: Making me hyper aware of activities I undertake that don’t impart the same sense of well-being. Uh-oh.

Well, again, I’m going to scan my plate and determine what I’m dreading. I will either ditch it from my plan or embrace it and try to execute it in a different manner, evolving the how, and paying the what no never mind. We can create the unfamiliar even in the face of the proverbial that breeds contempt. The truth is that reality is all unexpected. Anything can happen at any moment. Perhaps we keep ourselves on hamster wheels or running in ruts out of fear of the unknown, which might well just be some new variables. Well I say bring on these new variables, because daddy needs a new equation. Stat. Oh wait, it’s my responsibility to provide that. So I’m going to get on that. The point is dear readers: Today is about rising to a new occasion. Let’s work this mother out—forgiving the split infinitive, please. Aquarius is all about the future and it starts with this new field of perspective on what already exists before us. So yes, yes, the future is now.

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