Aquarius 4° (January 24)

Chatting with S. about the CMP. I took a crap ton of notes which may be useful at some point but right now it escapes me. I’m a few days behind again. I’m going to end up at Mac’s where I haven’t been in ages. I’m seriously behind the eight ball but I’d rather not think of it that way. I don’t remember which of the three times was which of the tenders but it really doesn’t matter much. Starting Monday I need to make major headway on all that I have began and I need to start my spring cleaning in February. Will also need to research laundromats and such and use the list in the Ptownie book to start sorting out some cash employment. I do schedule all the appointments and I have a pretty good list going. Just Zoom left to sort out. I definitely do need to keep myself abreast of all that’s going on and I’m feeling confident on this day that S. and I are on the same page creatively. A. has not brought her, shall we say, A-game. 

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