Aquarius 22° (February 11)


After a few days’ break from gods know what. Let’s see this is Monday. I just got back two days ago. And that was one kinda blow-outy night and one mellow one. Not sure why I was so forgetful of shows. I mean I see them and forget them. I need reminding. I watched two fabulous art docs and I did manage to move the spoon on next week’s Desiree show—tickets are moving, we hopefully have a bit of press—and I have to make my peace with the Thrion situation. That’s my name for it. I do need to be kind. I’ve been treated so shabbily; but one can never dwell on that sort of thing, not for a moment. This is a lesson you learn over time. Some people (S) were probably evolved in this arena very early on. But people are different you see. Everyone’s path is different and we might as well just accept it.

I had a funny thought about the Universe and of god and the devil. I was watching a film called Young Messiah or some thing about Jesus as a seven-year-old (I kind of liked it) and there is a devil in it whom only seven-year-Jesus can see or hear; and they have some pretty cool (verbal) battles. Anyway, the blond haired Lucifer calls himself the Prince of Chaos and I got to thinking about quantum physics and how as we move more macrocosmically (let’s call that heavenward) the universe is divinely ordered but as we travel microcosmically, it becomes increasingly chaotic. So what if the dichotomy of god and devil was a personification thereof. Lends new meaning to the phrase the devil is in the details.

Mostly metaphorically, Scorpio’s I desire energy is linked to the sign’s rule over the genitalia of the body. I know there i more to say about that. There is more to say about everything. There is outspoken want for this book. Though it is a stand-alone volume that doesn’t presume you’ve read Sextrology or even need to, we hope it will increase that book’s sales as well. I meant to add that all kinds of conjuring could be going on. As I get into this myself it should inform the work. I’m happy to publish this when I’m sixty and to have thirty years with it. That would be a lovely thing, but I need to make changes and start pacing myself now don’t you reckon.

We were meant to do an event but it was postponed until March which is probably just as well really. I started writing this just after a recent trip and then I ended up getting swept up in more travel and potential drama, the former of which fueled a mini weight gain, and the latter of which didn’t take hold in the least. Although the would be fomentor did try his level best. There are good people in the world and there is lots of fun to be had and there are people to help and there is plenty of time to do everything. I also feel inspired not to spend any money that needn’t be spent and to make sure that all i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. There is the story about the mechanic and the one about uncle lynnies.



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