American Indians Making Camp After Moving Into A New Territory is the symbol at 26° Scorpio and it is hinged on the ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements. Given the recent events in Paris, as was the case with 9/11, we can readily see the galvanization of people and countries to a “new environment”; but there is a shadow side to this which, as we’ve seen time and again, is the eroding of civil liberties which seems to be favored outcropping of these awful cultural events which play into the hands of those who would limit our freedom (if they are not the actual perpetrators, in part, of such terrible events). My own conspiracy theories aside, what are the immediate talking points? “State of emergency” measures that infringe on civil liberties in France and throughout Europe, escalation of war and xenophobia, even, here at home directed at Syrian refugees who are fleeing the very people we claim are our enemies.

Removing the negative modern spin that is foremost on my frontal lobe: This image is, at its core, about living in harmony with nature and therefore being at home anywhere. The natives in this image make no demands on their environment but enter into it and live within without opposing any demands or causing destruction. They are part of the natural biosphere. Generally, this was native American culture, as opposed to the European conqueres who destroyed nature without thought or care. Westerners seek to dominate and oppress, that’s simple history. And those who live in harmony can’t stand a chance against this planetary disease. The disease has fully won out; in that those we’ve long oppressed are no longer victims but have become militarized and dangerous because of their utter disenfranchisement. When you have nothing to lose, including your life—thus the suicide bomber—you are the most dangerous weapon on earth. Your human life hasn’t been valued, nor that of your ancesters, for how many decades, centures, eons….so why would you value other human life? It’s wrong, but it’s not simple black and white.

Can we ever get back to this garden. I don’t think easily. I think not willingly. Greed is to prevalent. There are Koch brothers. Do they think they are immortal, these people, funding hate and intolerance? They are Faustian characters who cannot take It with them. Why are there those who seek to ruin the planet. And how can we be kind and be strong? We have seen peace-loving cultures wiped from the face of the planet or turned into terrorist warmongers. How can we be compassionate and not be vulnerable. It’s not as simple as saying go to war or stay out of war. Invade or pull out. Because there are no more hawks and doves. We are all, now, hawks and doves, even if only by perception. The Syrian refugee is now seen as a potential threat—although there is nobody who really believes this to be true; the right side of the aisle just know that creating fear wins support in political campaigns. Never mind the poor suffering people fleeing Syria and Isis in fear for their lives. In their flight, they are showing the kind of reslience as witnessed here in the image of the native American. They are meant to be helped and saved not feared and imprisoned in camps.


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