We often describe Scorpio people as having x-ray vision, so it’s no surprise that An X-Ray Photograph is a symbol found within this sign at 25°. Indeed Scorpios, as a rule, don’t take things on face value; they like to know what lies beneath. This image is about understanding the structural factors in all existence. This degree of the zodiac would seem to empower people in this way. It’s about seeing how everything is basically the same at the core. Its akin to understanding the Golden Mean or making linkes between the microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds, what underlies all manifestations of life. We are urged to focus our minds eye on what the framework for everything is. If we read this oracle against the previous image: we can see this as the process of digesting the great revelations. We need to internalize our knowledge and apply it to our own lives, taking a long look at what makes us tick, too. Again not much to say on this oracle either. It may be me, but I’m just not being triggered these last couple times.


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