Cancer 4° (June 24)


That Nicholas character is quite the phony baloney, but she has got the queer community duped and wrapped around her finger, which seems to be pointed at anyone who doesn’t identify as queer, including women, making her a huge hypocrite. She posted something recently that cisgender straight women were at fault for allowing the patriarchy to overpower society. What a naïve idiot. And people repost it. I have a trans woman friend who put that shared it and it’s like what the fuck—you have spent your whole life being supported by your friends, the bulk of whom are cisgender straight women, whom you’ve emulated and who, as artists have inspired you, but now those same women—your friends, family and artistic heroes—are the problem. I dunno folks, I’m really giving up on a lot of people I thought were sane but seem to have lost their collective noodles. And Flynn saw his charges dropped even though he pled guilty twice. Meanwhile, Manaforte and Cohen are home and safe from a virus that wasn’t anywhere near them, while Reality Winner is still locked up. It looks like there will be a travel ban on Americans, which is completely fucked but at the same time, in regard to our administration, totally karmic. I have decided to go deep into pretty much everything. I’m going to read an astrology book a week and post about it; and I’m going to work on my own self-publishing outfit. I will delegate the questions. I want to take a way more serious tack when it comes to all I’m doing and so I will. Meanwhile I have some notes to put together….

  • Unplugged, most emotive. Wellspring raw feelings, on her sleeve, expressing even when others warn it’s unwise to do so.
  • Consumed by sentiments, unabashed in affections/aversions. Comes on strong unhinging rules/systems, others’ nerves
  • Washing away outmoded, “cleaning house”, causing a welcome upheaval?
  • Eternal commotion in the ocean of her motions, swinging from party girl to sorrowful soul
  • That is in tender years, aching for loiving care. Feels at sea, challenged to find footing in a healthy lifestyle and relationships
  • Early expects to be saved, attracting tyrannical types of her urge for dependence.
  • Ultimately the best man is a rock type who goes with flow of her eddied existence
  • Other women she plays mother hen doting and dictating demands.
  • Politically and social motivated, needs romantic demonstration affectionate stroking/validation

Cancer ruled by moon mother principle presides over flows of fluids in the body as well as that symbolically represents emotions mood intuition cancer woman seems to be all feeling. Mother principle cancer views females over males as authority figures also an inherent sense of existence itself being female feminine in nature mother earth sovereign tangible source of life . She grows up in female dominated household mother unequivocal master father vague amiable. Cancer woman personifies loaded sentiments I’m guided as the ocean overwhelming but her chaotic looks can be deceiving

moon elusive moods and instincts also principle of power of the rhythm of the universe it rules the tides like clockwork. Silvery slavery orb example of order within our immediate cosmos pearly sphere denotes chaos dreaded nocturnal world unpredictable howling fears perils giving rise to confusion lunacy cancer woman’s seeming ball of chaos is who is actually a broadcast of natural order on an unseen internal level her life is about embracing herself as a natural rhythmic expression of rhyme and reason she has a tough cosmic road to home turmoil she experiences is real.

Principle mother principle via moon cancer represents model of world environment as intangible feminine entity a source from whence all life stems cancer woman in bodies principle predisposed to give and sustain life as well as being given to what might be perceived as chaotic from blades and revolts I feel and she doesn’t spades

In youth her first instinct is to fight her feelings squelch said do not accept emotional state this only compounds pain once she does psychologically shift embracing ebbs and flows she’s not only liberated from emotional demons but can channel them into home life family relationship mainstays of interpersonal experience which is often most challenging for her. Can feel inherently disfranchise for most of the beginnings she can feel cut off from strong male influences plunged into female dominated environment lack of father principle sorry

mother represents nurture especially of an emotional sort metaphorically father protection control of discipline cancer female embodies complete connection with her mother source she lacks stoical mechanism to guard her against emotional onslaught she can feel dangerously exposed may explain why many cancer female soon becomes hardened. The thing about women in mythology always being tied of rocks . maybe not because she is more the spring And floods. Becoming hard and as a nod to her shell of course. Cancer pearls can dramatically withdraw from interpersonal dealings while others out act out obnoxiously most swing between the two . The strongest emotion she must deal with his fear RTW Joseph Campbell said fear is the first experience of the human being while in the womb the party party party ruled by the sign of cancer Actually not sure rose the boom that could be Scorpio it was the gut maybe but also the breasts right 4th House of home heritage inheritance emotional conditioning so that looks to the whole Joseph Campbell thing

planetary symbol moon signify rhythm in universe controls cadence of webbings and flowing cancer woman feels this hold on her being giving rise to chaotic feelings in time she settles into rhythm an organic component of the natural world.

The glyph of cancer recalls the nurturing aspect of the female mother condition symbolizing other breasts or ovaries the form of offering nourishment the latter being female seeds of life which upon fertilization nurtured in the womb breast and stomach also fall under cancerian rulership ancient matriarchal mystery cults like eleusis celebrated fact that females are born as mothers girl babies already contained their exit birth in contrast to boys who developed sperm metaphorically speaking girls are born pregnant where you come from heredity and what’s passed on heritage under the signs rule female condition bio mythic ancestry transcending chaos over existence save yourself is only needing nurturing instead of feeling capable of offering it her whole life is the process of developing from expectancy to self deliverance RTW lack of father love this she can heap onto the relationship with intentional mate static cling very loaded also the whole born pregnant thing is pretty loaded

2nd quadrant emotional environment 4th astrological house cancer associated with 21 to 28 maturity female news from Maidenhead to marriage female moves link to sign Association of the womb happiness to embrace the matriarchal power she wields in biblical line she is the flood Cardinal initiated water motion personifies Russia’s water matriarchal source spring swelling River. In a sense she represents recreation we have since said recovery she reminds us that we are all in recovery all of our lives she personifies the notion that’s a good thing to ask for each sign does this sign personify the notion of?Flood myths are all but ignore the female figure save for the sign of the dove the symbol of the goddess and matriarchal religions I don’t know I think what we’re saying is repair but in the Greek myth Themis “waters” goddess of natural order. Well the natural order of things from a certain perspective does read as chaos (Lynne’s quote about taking and straight line from divine perspective. (We make her chapter very twelve stepppy. Hey why aren’t we bringing in the steps and superimposing them onto the signs.  She gains by embracing Themis as her goddess. Spells to the various gods is a great sidebar. Themis has them throw the bones. Zeus like Yahweh gave up on humanity, threw in the towel. So in steps a mother goddess to purify it with water

Quadrant of emotion and moral environment. Trusting feelings, developing instincts, purging of pain, emotional need into source of power.  “channeling”

Where father ambandons mother sympatheses and kisses the universe’ boo boos. Twins duality gives way to Flood. Courtship, a form of dealmaking gives way to mating, literal repairing Fluids flowing every which way on the Ark in this metaphorical womb at sea . This is cancer woman in a nutshell or symbol moon glyphs waxing full like the swelling pregnant belly for the creation of a perfect Pearl she is a walking talking harbinger of hope that must necessarily smile through her tears just as the sun shines unseen behind clouds of torrential rain or in the dark of night

quality element cardinality water need for action via motion feeling action as opposed to the previous carnal side which is bodily actionmaybe we talk about feeling goals for cancer crab girl power lies in actively purging emotions rulerships endows her with intuition she is a receptor of impressions maybe she’s wired to do both simultaneously take information in and then act really respond in kind maybe we talked about putting out feelers tennis who is Persian aspect is Artemis credited with being goddess of the moon we create the world responsible feelings of remorse add it’s being destroyed bysus cancer female in bodies mother goddess archetype flood myth a clean break she feels needs making in life ending a vision of a male created world re creating a new world for herself built in purification system her emotions are meant to wash away negative influences from past life experience the home life she’s born into is in ruins emotional unrest

sign glyph emblem two individuals floating in the same vessel couple surviving the flood at sea and on land dweller symbol may also read his breasts or ovaries lively that are a life giving qualities

cancer girl offspring of first marriage step siblings activation of her motions and to wishes to wishes to act emotionally she’s designed to endure torrents of emotion like the crab with its shell the daily grind of sea sand is what makes deal Pearl perfection and wisdom only achieved by the turmoil of emotions shellfish in her motivations she embodies quality element she is rush of emotion waterworks of pity or font of wisdom she is not nurture of the Zodiac which should come as a great relief she’s typecast in that role

archetype Cinderella 4th astrological house absent father poor Cindy how does she move forward by wishing while embracing The Ashes degradation she doesn’t act out and rebel against evil stepmother she feels her pain and fear which fueled her wishes doesn’t merely overcome she scores the real big prince and Palace

element quality carnal water lifegiving source spring River emotional expression nurturing urge lifesblood menses mothers milk

Cinderella girl of ash directing energy into hopeful action in touch with fairy godmother mater other mourning loss purging negative feelings still having hope the Ark or promise carry search secure emotional land all the action happens at night whisked off in a pumpkin grows it late by the light of the moon nocturnal mice glass slipper crystal cave entrance to Delphi world womb fairy godmother medieval Themis Her own wise womanliness not being saved like Snow White pulse yourself up by emotional bootstraps higher character going through not around negative aspects most valuable lesson life is all about process escape is not an option her glyph first quarter first quadrant already behind her The Virgin moon just as a full moon is the wise moon takes time for cancer 2 recognize herself as a Pearl of wisdom but this is when aura casting spells of wish craft during the waxing she is a witch without realizing it. She is engineered to vibe into situations

Polarity. Embody wellspring of feeling, primal source of nurturing energy.

Teaches By example power to create by trusting our own instincts goes with her gut. Indoors more than her fair share of chaos mother dominated female dominated household mother is a wedge between cancer enter father rather enslaved by the mother constant chores and curfews . Mother maybe doormat to men setting no example of feminine strength mother maybe shrewish. Crab girl mixed messages being female bottles up emotions for fear of punishment feels downtrodden . Even if mother is nice cancer girl still has a laundry list of tasks. Cancer’s mother doesn’t put much stock in the opinions of women defers to men. Quarter moon symbol sliver of understanding the kind of woman she’ll have to become to achieve happiness. Moves out as soon as she can escape mother filled the void of lacking male influence shacking up at tender age mountain width of testosterone for a change. Grab the first Ray of hope floating by cosmic joke is that in effort to escape trend send and mother issues she may repeat the pattern of making men into God like figures

sign number of substance first square in the Zodiac solidity it is also called the number of men refers to humans as four limbed creatures

body and soul her emotional quest leads straight to men seems to care a little for her own sex utter disregard for other women she may seem like a nemesis to them Themis and isis are the same figure sister “dark Isis” Nem-Isis. Points to the step sisters but also aspect of herself, perfect princess to men, wicked pain in ass to other women. Sweetheart pin to lampshade crown, party girl, pain and denial, acute loneliness “I feel”, list of women who look like they are crying.

sign age, marrying age of maturity when most women do so and get pregnant 21-28

Emotive power emotional wellspring actresses returnal victim Janet Lee drama Queen Meryl St emotional chaos Courtney Love never mind the delphic ramifications of her band hole she feels she aches vivid disposition rubs other women or wrong way vivacious scene stealing

pushes limits of emotional abandoned feeling abandoned desire to shock as addictive as substances drugs and alcohol not typically her demise hear her before you see her laughing a bit too loud voices carrying over others or she could be moping in the corner whispering only to her boyfriend depending on the course of the moon she plays the last you can take home to mother generally wholesome all-american close or colorful curvaceously cut Sharon Horgan Courtney loves baby doll getups I think mom jeans overt gestures to opposite sex throws herself at objects of her lust

psychology overemotional self pitying overanxious to please mother issues acts out rebellious ways promiscuous difficulty establishing boundaries with friends and romantic partners melancholy hysteria lunacy

something exaggerated in her looks complexion bright physically bubbly and boundless eyes beaming smile pasted on beauty pageant contestant pearly whites exaggerated mouth oversized teeth creamy lightly freckled complexion congenial hub hometown girl grab a guys package as soon as looking at him requires demand sex . Generally conservative sometimes corporate style of dress scrubs up nicely mother earth status seriously espousing crunchy granola witchy medieval style leotards tunics peasant dresses shawls polarized among breast size jugs or barely there mosquito bites boob envy slim hipped short waisted long legs women’s cut jeans large light bones broad shoulders dangling arms willowy long neck upright carriage parts back day God answer flat tummy source of pride round as not overly ample I think she’s a runner whisper thin coif

archetype myth temis meaning waters Greek Noah deucalion pyra lifeblood in tennis and pure a function of the female’s proliferator of life moon got us Celine Shepherd she fancied put into eternally youthful sleep while he snoozes she has her way giving birth only to daughters rivers and Springs personified as female deities the Ganges has the mother goddess endowed with powers of purification

lighter haired than others in her family sometimes she has help with that must appear fairer than the rest hair loose and long naturally straight not big on makeup props for natural beauty looks lips and eyes she paints mascara sometimes in the extreme

sex and sexuality starved for male affection clings to 1st eligible boy who takes notice of her the girl with the steady relationship in high school shiny happy social scene traditionally minded athletic mails counterpart to herself . She is drawn to stoical males gravitates toward unemotional aids insensitive conventional masculinity cultural backgrounds that emphasize male domination Arian. Typically comes from a broken home the put upon made seeks to social climb if only arriving at a comfortable middle class if she’s born into a life of privilege she tends to ditch her silver spoon for more Democratic existence

Bible literature flood mother goddess Jonah the goddess mother Queen some aramus the babylonian to chapter DECETO the mother of Queen semiramis. Mary Ann in Jane Austen sense and sensibility in the chairs sambaram’s wife and mother to her mate trapped in circular wound like structure Eddie monsoon both watery names household of women Cinderella

styling herself and hippie dippie fashions cancer like Cinderella wants her do some human dignity not bonbon either she would have been most kind to her servants in the Castle Princess Diana on the verge of tears in conflict with inherent stoicism awesome them quality low woman on the totem pole she wants a strapping Prince scion of suburbia she’s a floodgate of churning yearnings doesn’t have casual crushes she swoons cries and Pines for love. Expresses sentiments blatantly rushes like a River into things without much circumspection sex is a means of self expression of vehicle for declaring deep seated need for unconditional love giving it away can become something of a negative pattern confuses sex with love horse are hard out to boys or willing to entertain her for affection in return for sex

gut instinct to look for a savior hero she requires is more sacrificial sort in Egyptian mythology of serious savored God wedded to isas who swallowed him up and then gave birth to him as forests how serious was nearly torn to pieces and reassembled by isis all but for his last ***** which she then replaced with a fake one made out of clay ritual castration the male can’t impose any patriarchal dominance he must take a second sex role in this relationship she sweeps him off her feet and he grumbles at hers but this isn’t who she goes for early in life perpetually drawn to loveless creeps needs a true equal partner in the Matt tree Arkle world men or sacrificial Kings or sacrificial it is with overbearing men she unleashes her Sir plus pain and anger castrating them in any case dictatorial dudes drown in her Flowers emotion even the imperious boyfriend will forgive her volatility so long as it pleases him sexually

Cancer woman has a voracious sexual appetite on the giving end doing all the major maneuvering engulfed for her own pleasure she wants to experience erotic sensation as acutely as possible deep rogering reasonable duration going down is never a chore one would think she had an unhinged obel jar hunkers down moon rolled saliva and vaginal duplication new meaning to her sign being the most wet I overly sentimental doting and mothering her could we manner of relating to men gooey manner is what seize her walked out on wide eyed baby talking overly adoring indulgent worshiper exaggerating the mother principle she fonds and fondles always having to touch her kiss PDAs originally meant to puff up her man in time it strikes him as phony he might think she has too much baggage even hitting the sheets which is typically the salve and the glue doesn’t do the trick anymore

predisposed to sexual addiction, brings oblivion (not a Cancer word). Mate may look for less psychological sexual relationship. Nobody uses sex to fill emotional void than she. Solution (liquid and answer, again this is very Pisces). She is embodiment of gut feeling, equipped to safely negotiate sexual waters thate are profound or even abysmal, Survival depends on dependence. Looking for rescue but not in vain. Deluvian Cancer, born into damage, both real and metaphoric, spending her “book of days” drifting toward repair. Life begins as a broken proposition.

Deluge of emotional relief, release, rebirth. Pours her guts out via experience, parlaying baggage into new life establishing. Everyday new hope and promise, despite moping and wining.  Melancholy brings mourning and deliverance. She does skirt issues, I feel she feels them. Life is about securing dry land. Sex is a way of feeling her way toward providence. IN the process, she and partner have abundance of erotic experience. She is most game. A partner will feel he’s hit the motherload. Every experience feels new, fresh. She never loses connection to her feelings even in throes of sexual debauch. Covered in fluid still smile up in devotion.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 456-460. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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