Cancer 3° (June 23)


I’m looking into quincunxes and the asteroid placement, mainly, in my own chart; but as a means of looking deeper into other people, ticking more boxes and gaining more insight. It turns out I have a yod and a boomerang to boot, if I open the orb ever so slightly, 5 minutes past three degrees. I named myself after the quincuncx, and here I finally alight on the fact that it is the most glaring aspect in my chart, which I never really consult because I don’t know my birthday time. But timing doesn’t effect the fact that I have a boomerang yod. Anyway, enough about me…

  • Prince Charming, perfect gentleman, clean cut, tailor made for traditional woman
  • Caring, sensitive, nice funny, respect moral soundness, earnest ambition
  • The marrying kind, need to nest, nurture, be nurtured. To be a good provider.
  • Artistic, careers where sensorial spirit flourishes. Expects to be handsomely remunderated
  • Art and commerce, even within company works in special solo capacity, creative imagination
  • Hopeless romantic, daydreams, heroic roles, Walter Mitty, multi-fantasist
  • Portrays himself as stable, safe, who’ll lavish mate with attention and satisfy every whim
  • Model boyfriend, husband, lover, family man. Sex is act of worship, investing every emotion.
  • Same sex bonds, straight arrow in public, not defined by sexual orientation. Privately compliant, eager to be immersed in depths of erotic experience.

mother principle model of the world as tangible female source, he subscribe via organic way he lives his life rarely imposing will going with the flow his mother was I feel ride the tide of experience assimilation rather than asserting one’s will

Most leading men in Hollywood cancerians cosmic 4th house rules general public particularly female portion . Cancer embodies the vision of male virtue from the collective female POV . The consummate romantic hero without a hint of misogyny manufactured to appeal to the estrogen crowd. Moon mother principle concerned with human environment and experience the 4th house. The sun can server presents the ideal perception of the universe universe if you will as female intangible Mother Nature. matriarchal . He is consort . Doesn’t enter relationships with a woman has a swashbuckling rogue , he is the eternal bridegroom . Rules ages 21 to 28 coming of age brink of maturity marrying age path toward desired goals. He embodies the unjaded qualities of this age all the years of his life the wonder kenned in the workplace and in private life Prince Charming . Something forever fresh and pure about him. Sex something about which he’s never come earlier.

planet simple balloon signifies rhythm in sympathetic relationship with the earth like tides regularly controlled by the moon cancer men especially can escape its effects half circle of the planets glyph symbolizes process potential for fullness feels incomplete without a nurturing emotional relationship

doesn’t squander his precious swimmers he’s the one who voluntarily saved himself from marriage playing savior role. He is the romantic hero , perceval, reputation for purity precedes him. Sacred consort Queens archetype osirus heracles beloved of Hera. Heracles is task to perform 12 labors including slaying a giant crab the sign’s namesake constellation. Perceval must fulfill obligations of Blanche Fleur who reveals to him the Mystic meanings of chivalry. Parables for cancers psychic and emotional needs , obliged to appear the perfect male protege . Even as a boy tries to appear grown up career minded motivated register on the romantic Richter scale as Primo provider. Effort into securing external trappings the perfect watch classy car tasteful wardrobe signaling his ability to caretake himself. Not trendy like Gemini goes for traditional quality labels. Subtlety his his ironic hardest hitting weapon. Persona almost insidiously aimed at looking most agreeable to the feminine sensibility. Moon governs intuitive power female intuition in particular he has ability to empathize with female view . He feelsbut it is a woman seeks. Not the fertility Idol that Taurus is cancer man is about being the perfect moral an emotional concert this chivalric ideal seeds of experience past conditioning 4th house the home come from the home one creates

quadrant battle emotional and moral environment sign ruled gut instincts approach to life circumstances from the essential feeling level

Interrelated environments cancer man’s prime preoccupation 4th house also that of the unconscious mind childhood conditioning character development points the crabs compulsive focus on personal evolution . Blatant nod to innate inability to be so ubiquitously appealing a matinee Idol. Middle of the road Joe. Moons glyph not fully waxed he’s very much in the process of becoming whole Cardinal water emotional initiative divine feminine inspiration. He is thoroughly involved with action on the unseen sensitive feeling plain. Touches a woman soft spot inspiring the affection worthy of a romantic hero grooming himself perfect young gentleman . Looks like you just walked off the set of a lifetime original movie. The eternal female champion cleaners whistle pure of heart. That of a freshly bathed in the sanctifying waters of divine inspiration . Chastely holding vigil until the perfect woman comes sauntering along. His lostboy expression leads one to believe he’s wet behind the ears but don’t buy it. Even percival’s very name gives away his true intent to Pierce the Valley. Perceval and cancer man’s hidden agenda goes mainly undetected , all unassuming stealth in the watery emotional world. Just charming dames and hope warming his way into said Valley also hoping to inspire mother love . Not all women are willing to oblige he’s able to weed out those who don’t seem capable of combined sexy Mama sentiment. As edible as it sounds clawing need for dual dynamic is endemic to cancerian Mail sexuality

sign Cliff cancer emblem recalls two individuals floating in the same vessel couple surviving in the flood crab both at seeing and land dweller symbol also read as testes source of human life procreation in a nutshell pun intended also element and quality what are denotes feeling instinct cardonal call to action cancer best illustrated as a source spring River tide on the current of emotion that cancerides particularly in the sentiments he listens in romantic bonds

cancer man it’s reformed or made whole by the flood of feeling he invokes MA lover not one of pure romantic love or less but such sentiment kind of the sense of mothering protection. The smothering lover that cancer seeks credited with making him into a man helping him realize his potential something he is unable to do on his lonesome. The environment she provides must be like a woman which he can fully develop and be were born he is purified by the flood of emotion extracts from her renewed enricht . Just as the Nile flood a symbol of renewal signals the coming of the resurrected God osirus forests both lover and child to the mother isas. Greek flood myth Themis instructs deucalion The Greek Noah and his mate pyra how to re people the planet 4th house home one creates. Bible flood marks new beginning men of the sign are branded but that same need . Also Jonah transformed the belly of the whale and Moses sent down the River from one mother to another. Moon mother principle self realization of cancer male due to the role or lack thereof that his actual mother played. Whereas cancer woman is a wellspring of emotion cancer man looks too woman for such outpourings. Cancer seeks the care of a protective female because it mirrors the cosmic vision his cosmic vision of the universe as abomey mother earth source of awe and protection he welcomes the scrutiny and instruction of women. With men on the other hand extremely guarded he is secretly cited with the pigtailed population since playing boys against the girls . Terrified of masculine scorn disguised as his emotion in Vega tempt go along with the guys

polarity cancer man isn’t a wellspring but rather elicits emotional responses from others particularly in love wants to be carried away by a partner’s deepest feelings

sappy songs and chick flicks. Adopts a stoical veneer like a shell. Cancer intensely apprehensive of being ridiculed for inherently sensitive side. Often ends up becoming the most shut down as a result. He is suckered by bogus macho stereotypes that dictate that men must be poker faced in situations that call for emotional expression. Hemingway so Butch it hurt so sensitive he opted out RTW cancerian male suicides. Born romantic he may be well into his 20s before breaking through his adopted nonchalant exterior letting his softer side show keeping his Norah Jones CDs cashed. Only when he secures a steady relationship does he feel comfortable revealing more delicate sensibilities . More than being reborn he is rather allowed to re discover his true self complete with a full range of feelings moony eyed in love deeply melancholic when dejected makes a convincing actor as in one way or other he’s pretending all his life . Like Pinocchio Jonah myth, he wants so much to be a real boy. Stuck in performance mode dragged through imitative motions of male behavior. Not embracing true self especially deep and varied sexual imagination risks having more than a growing nose give his true feelings away. Like actual crabs you can live on both land or in water cancer inhabits two worlds at once presenting himself as a concrete down-to-earth type while possessing murky mysterious sensuality. Cannot escape title ebbs and flows of natural serging’s. Sooner or later he comes clean and mids deeper urgings. Learns there must be a limit to caring what others , women, think of him

sign number the number of structure completion and protection square is the most solid of objects there are four elements Four Seasons for directions for archangels also sign age Association 21 to 28 age of the bridegroom marrying kind take home to mother spirit of promise and potential committed to relationships as if forever saying I do

In truth cancer man brought up in household paradoxical image of mother she looms large on an emotional level but may be incredibly passive. Even attitude of victimization. Takes household emotional hostage. He will take on mothering role to his siblings especially to dear old mom himself herself maintaining a brotherly relationship with his father who we have use as lovable but weak. His father might be missing from the scene altogether or so detached. Lacking emotional fulfillment cancer looks recuperate through a romantic bond aims to attract an Alpha female 1 who is singled out to breed mother in the strictest sense as he hopes such a woman might provide nourishing motivational environment where he can cultivate and incubate a feeling of psychological wholeness this distinction astrology fails to make that cancer is looking for codling or sakron mommy to make his life easier rather he seeks a home environment that will challenge him into accessing latent greatness . Contrary to popular belief cancer the attention cancer seeks goes beyond baby talk and being served his favorite meals.

Looks like Mr nice guy 4th house general public predominant serve successful cancer movie actors big red white and blue box office appeal. Pleasing but Placid not exactly seething with sexuality. The kind you bring home to mother. Even when good-looking doesn’t generate much heat cool and pale and spirit of the moon. Pick him out of a crowd scan for the man who seems most intent on avoiding detection that invisible shell. Downplaying his features overgrown haircut glasses inconspicuous style of clothes cuddly in closed circles addressing those within earshot

fantasy world dreamer pretender role player sycophant disassociative feelings feels like phonier fraud reclusive agoraphobe echo

keeping his back to a larger audience 1 on one conversations face to face smiling vacant expression pretending to hang on every word nods and laughs appreciatively never quite listens to answers being given. Painfully vague physicality neither too tall too short hover in the height somewhere around five 910 well proportioned not overly muscular or broad nor wimpy. Most derisive term is weedy. Lighter skinned than others in his family a washed out expression. Now see Brown meets dirty blonde no particular color. Fine and wispy hi hairline moon shaped face Oval oblong slightly hunched over head and neck chunk and shutting out copy Adams Apple . Sturdily built not burdened by excess body fat text something of a feminine look protruding nipples sensitive area kind of womanly figure trunk curves high waisted rounds at the back hourglass physique less hairy than other guys more straight than curly hair. Stomach accentuated by her lower abdomen protrudes rulership of this area broad pelvis love handles hippie even when slim. Strong shoulders toned arms flat but pear shaped.

archetype myth consort God to Kelly and directed by mother goddess Themis whose name means waters the yearly flooding of the Nile presage that coming of Osiris Isis swallowed him like the whale swallowed Jonah giving birth to him anew heracles put through the wringer by mother hero series laborers Zodiac or crab symbol of the end of aeon on and the beginning of another

Well defined legs aruva denser ***** size somewhere around average crap tends to be thick and his balls are large profuse shock of hair at the pubis can have an oddly shaped member bending to the side curving downward bulbous head foreskin too tight.

Distinct manner of moving and gesticulating kind of properties tocado Pinocchio nodding throwing his head back bend and straightness risks ankles unconsciously quirky flipping motions as if you were in water something goofy about him. This plus creative ingenuity translate to quick sharp razor wit . Styled conservatively countenance akin to collegian trying to pass for slightly older Wide eyed pale lenses blanched blue opalescent eyelids pale pink beneath light Brown shallow eyesockets Asian beaky nose pinched upper lip lisping slight speech impediment irregular or crooked teeth head round and pumpkiny. Spiffs himself up to look like he’s going places a lost expression like an orphan buttoned up spitshine for adoption appearing needy for love and determined for success haircut administered to him as if in an effort to spruce him up focus on his grooming efforts appearance and expression one of sweetness

Bible literature Noah flood renewal moral condition baby Moses sent downriver Jonas stint cancer ruled belly whale Pinocchio journey real boy perceval medieval fairy Queen Blanche Fleur pure and valiant becoming the prototype for cinderella’s Prince Charming Walter mitty romantic hero savior of mankind modern cancer character the ithyphallic figures of Percival osiris live on in wooded characters like hemingway’s Jake Barnes in the sun also rises and Buck Henry’s Benjamin and spring play with graduate


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 451-455. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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