Cancer 2° (June 22)


Another slow going day. It is a bit cooler today but cloudy and muggy and the air feels quite thick and I didn’t get much sleep last night so there is a nap in my immediate future. Watched the Seberg film on Amazon and of course Yvan was in it. So sad we didn’t get to have dinner with him before we left Paris but hopefully when we are next in town we can all meet up. I am missing being there so much it hurts. There has never been an uglier person than Mitch McConnell. I am imagining that Amy McGrath can bring that fucker down. But here I have to focus on the work at hand…

  • Fine line inate vulnerability/aggressive need to assert agenda
  • Aware of feminie wiles using them to best advantage, playing coy, precocious
  • No other woman creates more a stir, awesome displays of talent, upsetting w/ trademark coups
  • Not a casual or overly considerate character, she is the nerviest, greatest triumphs and trouble
  • Scoring goals, take no prisoner approach. Iconic if not cyclonic.
  • Leaves everyone /thing altered in her wake. In relationship: Indulge desire, impose dominance
  • Flirts with disaster. Eventually settles in understanding bond where she swings in personality
  • Helpless babydoll vs. Ruthless boss. With other women: imperious drawn to doting lovers who will unquestionably do her bidding.

principle of awareness Gemini cognizant of mental mechanics motto I think a master of mind games for the sake of her own amusement putting the wheels of her success in motion consciously alternates between the two previous forces avarian aggression and tourist passivity Avenger victim to outwit others

Gemini ruled Mercury Messenger crossroads Hermes principle of consciousness 3rd house Commerce communication com union. Ancient traditions Mercury the logos word of God pure intelligence first mental sign of the Zodiac cognitive faculty is key. One look at Gemini she is a woman with machinations. As the glyph suggests tiny feelers an antenna forever put a bug in someone’s ear whereas Gemini man his caught up in his own need for a buzz and stimulation Gemini woman seeks to incite such excitement in others if not send them into a frenzy

twin symbol division two distinct expressions personality which emerge at different times in her life if not within a given day. Gemini guys or both Gemini woman is either 1 extreme or the other. You might meet a different Gemini the second time you meet her. Pores on her personalities as defense mechanism. Sit at dinner party and literally turn a separate face to the guests on either side. Tough as leather philias lace depending on what would be most useful. Giggly guileless waif works for her advantage great , but of being wicked witch works then fine. Though it will take a lifetime Gemini works toward integrating these alternate sides of her borderline personality if not for the sake of her mental health. She risks depersonalization of condition characterized by distortion in how oneself in body look and feel. It is her existential mission to get herself together fostering integrity in every sense of the word.

planet symbol Mercury Fairies of medieval lore kindly Angels pesky insects air sprites whisper ideas in one error and cause mischief Gemini guilty as charged antenna signify the emergence of the human mind from the divine sphere she can alternately soar to great Heights feeder proverbial moth to the flame

Following the Bible line awareness being a third astrological house theme . Gemini woman considered a body man of two fastiv self empowered female come trouble making temptress personal fall victim progenitor of humanity she is no walk in the park rarely innocent as she pretends to be as young girl attracted to older slick with not shady types developing killer crushes seeking sweet corruption. Like if she’s bitten off more than she can comfortably chew turns around and toss the Apple at innocent guys and she in turn must reduce into action. Same in business often consummate agent holding prized clients in the palm of your hand for others to fight over. Sometimes she is the creative property pitting people against each other she could be both catalyst and monkey wrench a dream come true or one’s worst nightmare. Gemini the only Zodiac sign commutable air she projects this onto others keeping them guessing if not initiating a flurry of disinformation mutable errors versatility changeable random mentality material ether or ethos a world of pure information intelligence created . Jim negai walking talking fuzzy atmosphere she is she lives the world she lives in filled with people who must constantly negotiate her she is an unpredictable Pixie astrological daughter of wingett berkery trickery magic zodiacs tinkerbell

quadrant importance wise and intimate surroundings ministering to immediate concerns of family life career promoting certain air about herself that establish is irresistible oral interaction to her talents or ideas

tinkerbell twinkly madding personality sweetness in life light when in love but woe to any photo stands in her way particularly wholesome Wendy’s. Her attempts at cruelty might come off nearly comical like tinkerbell’s one just simply has to cope with her confusion that she creates. Like dealing with thieves fallout we have to deal with , dating her goddess of discord eris that whole story Gemini woman is errors just as she is Eve of expulsion to boot she’s all three of those Uber goddesses as well she seeks to negotiate indeed integrate all female energies that come before her the two previous signs to be exact Gemini most poignantly living prototype of the victim Helen but also the personification of the vengeful clytemnestra

mutable sign combines energies are two signs that preceded it general combines aggressive objective masculine areas with the subjective feminine Taurus she combines these dualistic forces of love and war poignantly personified in the character of Helen love of various suitors precious the Trojan War Helen means torch something that every Greek hero carried for her metaphoric flame like a tiny moth drawn

Gemini emblem duality of experience outside perspective where is Gemini man is both sides of his dualnote nature Gemini woman is typically either sweet as pie or as tough as leather at any given time

Sexy little gift as a wife Helen so soon with age group 14 to 21 time of courtship elaborate rituals brewing displays not only is Gemini archetypal Helen immutable collage of the Aries and Taurus female prototypes the ultimate gift is stoned to Paris but to mention a little baggage eating to be negotiated and thought over . She is also part bird having been born sue’s in the form of a Swan separate eggs when it comes to twin girls the division from one another D diametrically opposed nature’s Gemini woman’s condition Helen is the consummate passive the face that launched 1000 ships clytemnestra depicted violent plotter and killer of her husband agamemnon taken together you have Dominion personality the perfect amalgam of passive and aggressive girl Twins of the Zodiac represented by Helen Clytemnestra

associated with age group 1421 girls life when she’s home run in seesaw between alternating duality of childhood emerging adulthood Twins girl perpetual state of adolescent rage of adolescence into her old age John Collins Liz Hurley angst ridden freshly awakening awareness everything seems new what momentous import

element quality best illustrated as the atmosphere surrounding each and every circumstance Gemini woman seeks to affect situations to create a certain buzz of non commotion in promotion of her needs and desires

Never readily admit to being experienced particularly concerned sex. Characterized by Lolita provocative teen character smack dab in the age group Association with the sign crux of maturity proverbial human crossroads child to adulthood . Lolita blatantly sexual but still young enough to feign naivete. Forever toying with material crossroads walking perpetual fine line between vulnerability and perpetration. Gemini represents both triumph and trouble any Association with are steeped in irony taking it up with her akin to kidnapping a killer nearly diabolical dia metrics famous females Wallace Simpson Michelle Phillips as he adored Duncan Justin Baker a bulldozer in barrettes

in business in love she is Lolita cutie diminutive form of Dolores meaning Sarah seeming innocent will rip your soul to shreds or soon as soon as look at you provocative Pixie licking her proverbial lollipop wondering if she’s staring at his crotch. She tears people into dualistic character in less after Lillian humbert humbert unwittingly doing her bidding part lecture part Blakey. Gemini possesses power of manipulation a talent should begins to home when she’s actually loudly does age. The adolescent Twins girl may become a living nabokov nightmare . The twin girls grows up in the family where father is absolute ruler but a non participatory non participatory one. Gemini girl is left in part to her own devices it doesn’t foster independence rather she feels overlooked . She is naturally aligned to the ideologies for father though she clashes with him too. Often MI a he is a covert character indulging in secret activity many are geminis father is hiding an addiction or sexuality issue . Her mother has a sisterly relationship with her with a good deal of bickering. Gemini feels parental if not Tom sometimes pitying tore her mother . On top of this the 3rd house rule of brothers and sisters becomes keynote if not a thorn in her side. She never blames her parents for the lack of love instead she points the finger at siblings whom she cites as having caused her life to be less than it to like. Gemini is a rare bird could easily shove her fellow fledglings out of the nest. She wants every bit of her parents’ attention and then doesn’t get it she lashes out. Gemini might be in astina nasty funk that lasts for years bitchee to other students as she is unbearable to other kids in her family this is all masking a deep hurt

Gemini embraces her father’s sneaky modis operandi her merging left outside the family usually involves activity activities that her father would have found unacceptable especially when it comes to relationships with boys . Her sexuality develops early drawn to bad boy rogue or hoodlum types. And not to geminis air Sprite archetype she can be like Mercury orbiting closest to the sun attracting attracted to fiery situations the moth to the flame. Shelf and gets burned. Her science Association with visceral awareness manifest as an unquenchable curiosity such that she is typically intrigued by people from the proverbial other side of the tracks. She may enter sexual relationships with characters father would find unsavory. Father is often biased if not bigoted. Gemini emerges as two people eternally dutiful daughter and the naughty sexually knowing orange new. Her own needs get overlooked in an effort to satisfy expectations she imagines are being projected onto her period she becomes something of a caretaker to her mother. Affectionately bossing her mother around in a way she witnessed her father doing in the past. Emotionally and sexually Gemini net tends to shut down on the other side of the spectrum act out in ways she can only be considered a cry for attention in many cases being trouble is the way of getting back to the world for feeling robbed of tenderness. Appearing in acting provocative Gemini invites sexual attention subconsciously hoping to fill the emotional void left from fatherly affection.

sign number the number of existence past present and future dimensionality of reality length width depth 3 hours of signifiers advent of the child offspring corresponding to geminis Association siblings so that’s the number of pro creativity and the renewal of life triangles circles are based on the numeral 3

Famous geminis gamines Monroe Collins Baker Hurley manoke Bonham Carter Hartman Cox wrestling Brooke Shields often the face that launched 1000 products Commerce divinely gifted commodities men haggle over. Error sign but not ethereal she is an accessible Pixie original ragamuffin. As child she is tomboy twinkle in her eye mischief. As a teen provocative seen as fast sexualized schoolgirl pigtails and cigarettes. To other girls she is edgy and challenging ass kicking trading clothes and gossip. Her mind develops earlier then most making her ringleader bored frustrated rolling eyes seeks out older quicker crowd. Boyish body language no fuss low maintenance

tough little bird Sparrow on the attack unassuming appearance but bursts of bellicosity like teensy weensy tweety bird fidgets fusses jumping in and out of her chair dashing about handful of tasks simultaneously.

age group sexual awakening the age when most girls lose their virginity curiosity exploration incentive conscious desire to attract impulsive experimental

Mercury nervous system forever on overload often crashes. Exhaustion half the time must learn to conserve energy and pace yourself her body has a hard time keeping up with her mind rapid fire. Her voice often catches symptom of not respirating deeply short attention span hard time focusing of all the characters she’s wound tight put benefit from meditation cheeping stillness soothing remind. One of the least self analytical characters who would benefit from introspection. One moment a clever conversationalist next brash and boisterous Patty Duke show unable to stop her moods from swinging speeds of manic enthusiasm followed by indigo Blues .

All eyes in the room around her captivating mix childlike beauty expressive exuberance . She could be on in social bill yeah face beaming eyes live from within sparkle face round is a penny her short bangs fringe Apple cheeks pronounced eyes deepset slanted squinty chin week no straighten pronounce slightly beaky lips luscious and glossed

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 446-450. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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