Aries 30/Taurus 0°

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I am playing major catch up again. I suppose I could just skip days but my OCD doesn’t quite allow for that sort of leeway. So here I am. I’ve made a list of subjects to tackle. First I’ll start with the cosmic joke of: starting something new because old ways seem not to be working only to start getting messaging that people miss the way you did things, which they didn’t much seem to appreciate when you were doing it. I suppose some people don’t miss stuff until it’s gone.

These past two months we have been “performing” The Zodiac Club at Sid Gold’s in NYC. I put that p-word in quotes because after the past twelve years of writing and rigorously rehearsing and preparing scripted shows, including many at Joe’s Pub in NYC, we have mindfully departed from that to eopen up and experiment with these more improvisational appearances at Sid’s where we barely prepar songs, and writue up some random ideas, inspired by the loose themes associated with the various signs–and that’s about it.

The goal has been, well, no goal; certainly not wanting to create a great show but to let emerge a new form, letting whatever that might be bubble up from the serendipitous slime of just showing up and doing whatever. The inspiration has been our work with clients. Every day, in our proviate consultancy, we, I, unrehearsedly draw down the cosmic wisdom and direction we see outline in an individual’s astrological chart and transits. All my years of study plus my knowledge of myth and archeytpe, not to mention my infamous flashes of psychic insight, are there to serve me in uplifting and guiding the client. This is something we’ve wanted to do before a live audience, not so much performing a show, but having an experience together, with the only theme being to explore the “cosmic energy” of the particular sign we are treating in a given month.

So we’ve tried to just show up and do whatever because, truth be told, we have never sold out Joe’s Pub, for example, with our meticulously crafted shows with songs and sections and skits and segues and arcs and all the dramaturlogical fixins’. So we are happily deconstructing. But, go figure, suddenly people who have never seen us are like, “I am determined to come to your next Joe’s show”, etc. Like not just one person but like many. And I’m like, in my mind, “dude(ette), not only have I been carefully effing crafting shows for a decade and rehearsing the ef out of them, I’ve been promoting ad nauseum and you never effing come.” Now a warning? I hear Meryl Streep say.

On top of that, the folks who are coming, those who maybe only saw us once or twice before, and even those with whom we’re performing are suggesting we do this [formal thing] or that [formal thing] i.e. the exact same things we’ve done before—wherever did they get those ideas—also missing the point. We don’t want to do a show up on a stage right now. We want to be ground level and relate to you and be imperfect. We don’t want to sing more than a few songs. We want to talk about the secret power of the zodiac. And I just want to have a ground level experience. There is no ticket price. Just a donation to the Afterglow Festival which is a very worthy cause. Anyway….I need to write a catch-all blurb for the Sid Gold’s website: I’m thinking something like this:

The Zodiac Club. Celebrity astrologists and performing artists, Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox, collectively known as Starsky + Cox, present a year-long event of twelve appearances in exploration and celebration of the dozen divine energies of the Zodiac signs, in turn, the third or fourth Sunday of each month at the endlessly chic caberet venue, Sid Gold’s Request Room in New York City. The couple named “Psychics to the Stars” by Vanity Fair, renowned for their international best-selling book Sextrology—Starsky + Cox will be joined each month by musical director Brian King (What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?) and special guests born under the star signs of the various months.

Part musical-comedy show, part consciousness-raising seminar, part social salon for the high-vibrational set, The Zodiac Club explores the metaphysical power of each of the twelve star signs. Starsky + Cox draw down the cosmic energy of the signs to illustrate their power and purpose in all our lives, providing extra starry sugar to those celebrating birthdays in the given month. Claiming the Zodiac to be “the original twelve-step program”™; Starsky + Cox have long wished to unlock its cosmic secrets for a groovy, aspirational audience, regaling gatherers with their signature wise wit and rousing song.

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