I stumbled upon this I wrote about the Cosmic Blague idea three years ago:

Taurus 1°

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Revelation tends to be funny. Our ah-ha moments are typically also ha-ha ones. What makes up our lives? Actions, sensation, situation, perception, feeling, intuition, wisdom, evolution, synchronicity, enlightenment, possible ascension? Have we missed anything?

Like you, we have been many things. This has resulted in clumps of accumulated story. Think of your funniest stories. Do they not also carry some revelation? Typically, so.

Then there’s new experience. Oy. That stuff keeps happening. You can’t get ahead of it. Being blessed (from the French blesser: to wound) with a sense of humor, we employ it in our experience, even our self-realization, such that our own enlightenment is, at the very least, amusing.

Our notion of Entertaining Enlightenment, a phrase from which you can infer more than double meaning has always extended to the perception of life as one big, long blague cosmique (cosmic joke). The All isn’t a jester but an expert comedic artist. Existence isn’t metaphysical mayhem, it’s a carefully crafted monologue, what we call life.

The trick is writing yourself into the story, riding it like a wave, surfing being a skill not unlike finding the humor in it All. And seeing that, it’s the funniest thing, what is is a seemingly ordered plan. We laugh even through tears.

So, above as below, all any of us can do is interpret that cosmic link. Starsky + Cox can’t help but; whether conducting clients to increase their own personal connection or through our witty-wise books or columns or lectures, or in live performance as cosmic comics, we see the humor in there being no real separation between you and the divine.

That we all tend to find the same things funny, universality being central to any joke—we share laughs, we relate to, or are let in on, them—this speaks to there also being no true separation between (the divinity within) you and (the divinity within) others. Thus, we glean cosmic truths, even, deconstructing the role and effect of humor itself in our lives.


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