I really am loving these Virgo oracles. What other sign would you expect to find A Harem? At 7° of The Virgin, this sybol is ruled by the masculine sign of Aries. Dane Rudhyar describes the keynote thusly: A fateful (even sought after) subservience to the vagaries or desires of emotional nature. Subservience? Vagaries? Desires? Emotional Nature? Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, Virgo. Not to mention the fact that the Zodiac’s Virgin is, like Mary Magdalene and the Vestal Virgins, sacred whores, divine vessels; and, really, so are we all. The sexual and the divine are meant to be linked; it’s we who have allowed them to be separated, mostly, by a shame based patriarchal society.

There was an acting teacher called Bill Esper—I wonder if he’s still around. I remember he was famous for getting actors, both men and women, to access their vaginas. Remember, the Virgin of the Zodiac is called Kore, from whom the word core derives. And we all have a real or metaphoric hoo-ha—you might say this is a yoniversal fact. In the spirit of ye olde yin and yang, the power of passivity can be quite strong indeed, and enduring, while aggression, which happens in a burst, isn’t always sustainable. How did Betty White put it? Oh yeah: ‘”Why do people say ‘grow some balls”? Balls are week and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.” Such a great quote, that.


Yesterday a bunch of people were on a merry-go-round all objectively seeking to grab that brass ring. Today it’s the opposite. We have a bunch of concubines all seeking to attract the attention of the one swinging sultan. In either case we find a group of individuals all going for the same goal. Yesterday we used our skill and mastery, today we werque our charms. The former image can show that on this careening carousel called life we may become obsessed with goals and winning; and this one tells us that we can also become addicted, a slave, to the attention we receive from others, if not sex itself. There is a compulsive shadow-side to both images. Here it manifests, potentially, as a vacancy if not a vacuum effect of waiting for some other to show us that attention. Yeah, let’s not do that.


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