A Merry-Go-Round is the image at 6° Virgo, which is ruled by Pisces in a twelve-fold sequence. We are dealing with the cyclicity of life and it’s ups and downs. I will not bore you with some recent experience with this. Let us just say that when you pursue an annual project certain patterns will get repeated no matter how you try to avoid them. In the wake of a Pisces Full Moon today, one might feel that we have reached a certain culmination and are beginning a new cycle—the Moon, being the fastest moving “planet” in our astrology, is the most constant example of cyclcity. And, too, as we approach the end of August and unofficial end of Summer, focused on the rentrée, we may be wistful or feel that we did or didn’t extract enough, or perhaps, to much out of the season. On a merry-go-round we do aim to grab at some brass ring. But if it were easy everyone would do so and be given a free ride. For most of us, there is no such thing. At least, not often.





They symbolism of the merry-go-round and brass ring is such: With each turn of the wheel, with each recurring event or period of time in our lives, we have the opportunity to exhibit a sense of mastery or accomplishment. We mustn’t let the ups-and-downs, symbolized by the horse or other animal we’re riding keep us from reaching our goals. We must work on our timing, we must negotiate the movement of the world, as she turns, and we must strive to do things better than last time we found ourselves at this point on the wheel. What new skils and mastery can we put on display now; what have we acquired which we didn’t possess at this same time last year? We cannot control the life force which is cylical by nature but we can remember we have in some ways been here before and we must strive to do better as we journey along what should be an upward spiral.


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