Another Aquarian-ruled oracle and another experience of communion with spirit: At Virgo 5°, the Sabian Symbol is A Man Becoming Aware Of Nature Spirits And Normally Unseen Spiritual Agencies speaks to opening our awareness to levels of consciousness. Yes please. It’s a shift in consciousness from the material to the energetic whereby we understand that all life forms, ourselves included, are externalizations of energetic forces. It’s not so much that we contain a spirit but that we are spirit who appear to one another on the earth plane in physical form. It’s a subtle but powerful distinction. And so this image isn’t necessarily about getting glimpses of hmm-hmms or receiving some divine message from saints or angels, it’s the understanding that all is energy and that form is just a fancy term for a more concentrated, consolidated emanation thereof.


On days when I’ve not felt quite energetically connected, not comfortable in my skin, due to a loss of sleep or eating the wrong foods or being overserved an adult beverage or garden-variety stress, I like to drop into a state of understanding myself as a collection of swirling atoms, all of which were wrought in the furnace of stars, because that, my friends, is actually a fact. And you can call it spirit if you want, but I prefer the term energy; and because I am a collection of units of energy that can be broken down into smaller and smaller units as history and scientific ability to perceive the infinite microcosmic I can understand that the pain in my leg, or the knot in my back, or the tension in my face is all a result of my essential energy being blocked from taking its proper form. It’s a very practical thing, folks. And I recommend doing this. Sure, you can say it’s meditation. I prefer to regard it as essentially being, getting out of energy’s way.

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