Gemini 19°

So I was saying in the last post how pessimistic I was prior to the Full Moon, meaning, now, on the other side of it I feel more expansive and directive at the same time. I feel like cutting my losses and lowering some bars. I’m an overachiever by nature and have carved out a decent career for myself which I would like to make decenter. These past seven, nearly eight years I’ve been planning and then presenting live performance festivals and series and one off productions all under the umbrella of a non-profit festival dedicated to progressing and proliferating new and important stage artists, mainly solo ones, from solo playwrights to the most uncategorical of performance artists, with neo cabaret and alt comedy and sketch and opera and spoken word and hip hop and electronica and dance and high drag and interpretative dance and everything in between.

It’s a tough road to hoe, particularly non-profit, and each year I try to produce all aspects, including the fundraising, myself. I would love to hire someone to help but I’m never able to afford anyone in the moment and then it would take time to teach someone, so ultimately I’ll have to make some kind of manual, some kind of playbook, by which to execute this. Every year is different of course. And this year brings new challenges. We are in a different space which is absolutely fantastic. And I’ve started a capsule festival too for Cambridge and my costs are rather through the roof at present and yet I persevere. And still I have been more overwhelmed than in the past . Much of that feeling has been due not only to the giant list of busy work and technical work I need to exact, it’s also the writing of (at least) a dozen different missives that will be disseminated in myriad directions, for which I think I need to make a list, because suddenly my scope has widened in a way that was threatening to spread me too thin. So I’ve decided to devise a questionnaire, asking myself some pointed questions, and then, at least, in repsonding to the questionnaire as if someone else presented it to me, I might be able to get some thoughts on various “pieces of paper” that I can then shape and send to the pockets of people that need to receive them.

You’ll see what I mean when you read the next Blague.