Gemini 20*

One might want to read the previous Blague to understand what’s happening here. Bascially, its me trying to prod myself to write a dozen or so documents that I need to send out to varying populations of peoples, groups and individuals. (Information is so Gemini!)

Question No. 1: Why do you feel that realtors in Provincetown owe a special debt of gratitutde’s to non-profits and what simple things would you say to a room full of them or send them in an email which might inspire them to give to your non-profit.

Question No. 2: What do you think might be the most effective words you could muster to send to a dozen Boston/Cambridge busineses (who don’t know you) to convince them to make a donation, to (becoming a Missionary Sponsor of) the new Glow Festival you’re starting in just five weeks time?

Question No. 3: The wharf in Provincetown has been sold to Ann and Chuck Lagasse who also spruced up Boston and Newburyports harbors. If you could reach them what would you say to them which might convince them to contribute to your non-profit cause? Would what you say differ from what you might send to Ryan Murphy, in writing or if you were together at a dinner party?

Question No. 4: What might you say to Boston- and Cambridge-based individuals to convince them to part with $100 donation so to become a Glow Sparkler and receive a discount on all this new festival’s. What incentives and perks might you offer them?

Question No. 5: In considering social media, what do you think would make the best strategy overall and which social media outlets would you use. Do you have an original ideas on how to create interest in the artists you’re presenting and engage other individuals and businesses in the area and to liaise with other arts organizations and generate substantial buzz?

Question No. 6: If you were asked to put a newsletter together in one day what stories would you feature for this new year ahead?

Question No. 7: What is the current status of your press. Are there journalists and editors who need to hear from  you and what should they know. Are you seeking coverage in as many places as you can?

Question No. 8: What is the mission of the Afterglow Festival and how does it differ from that of the Glow Festival and even the Glowberon series for that matter.

Question No. 9. What are your thoughts on generating “concierge” information  for both festival’s websites. Do you need to make any changes to the website, hire any designers, so forth.

Question No. 10: Do you have all the right print and electronic collateral that you need? Do you need to review with the venues what printed materials might still be effective and what exactly is needed when.