I know the sign of Aquarius rules technology but, man, this sign has had many a symbol that I have found dry and disconnected. I suspect when I get into the sign of Pisces, I’ll be overwhlmed with things to say but, honestly, it’s symbols like these that post a challenge: A Garage Man Testing A Car’s Battery With A Hydrometer is the Sabian Symbol for 24° Aquarius, which is ruled by Taurus in a twelve-fold sequence. It’s all about applying natural laws in dealing with problems that arise in our technological society. Yes, Taurus is the most natural of all the signs, the least complex and most straightforward of the earth signs. Management and maintenance are keynotes here, both practical attributes of the sign of Taurus with it’s focus on comfort and security, elements that are being sought here through the testing of the car battery. We need to know that there is sufficient sustanance and energy and power to make the journey, real or metaphoric though it may be. So you might want to ask yourself in what ways your life has become unmanagable. Or it what ways you need to sure up you vehicle or instrument or make sure you battery is charged or that you’re just plain ol’ hydrated?

The whole of our modern lives can be seen as a machine, increasingly capable of speeding out of control. And staying on top of all aspects of that machinery is important. As we race in our lives there is all the more reason to make sure that we have the appropriate power to do so. This maintenance is had via the keenness of our mind which must be put in service, not just to our emotions, but to our body as well. We can self-destruct in telling ourselves that our mechanism needs to maintenance; none of us have escaped seeing others run themselves into the ground or done so themselves. We must recharge. We must make sure the literal integrity of our being is intact. Our individual designs for living require staying on top of things, whether it be flossing your teeth, paying your bills, feeding your mind, or excercising your body, we have to take care of this vehicle we have for driving toward our desired destinies.

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