At 27° Aquarius, a symbol ruled by Gemini in a twelve-fold sequence, we encounter An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled With Fresh Violets which couldn’t stand on starker contrast to the previous symbol of the greasy garage man testing his car battery. And on the surface this symbol seems more apt to be ruled by bucolic Taurus but we must look deeper. This is an oracle of traditional skills and artistic values rooted in man’s instinctive feelings as frames of reference for man’s most authentic emotions, or so I’m told. Gemini is all about immediacy, both in time and space. Here we stop to place these violets, symbols of humility, in something ancient and useful. We are creating an atmosphere of beauty, quite simply, right under our nose which is filled with fragrance. Like the insect, a nod to Gemini’s rule of all things airborne and planet Mercury, named for the winged god whose symbol recalls a bug with antennae, we are buzzing around our place, alighting upon flowers, delighting in the moment, perhaps finding eternity in that instant. Birds, too are known for their displays, not just of feathers but in their decoration of their nests. Few other so-called lower creatures with reptilian brains have an aesthetic flair which they use to invite, court both companionship and love as might give rise to new love. When we put flowers in a vase we are appreciating our own surroundings, the field of our own experience, making a statement that we are happy to be where we are in the here and now. It’s a finishing touch, perhaps, on the realm in which we’ve set up life or shop or both. We are ready to receive and share the moment with others; what are those buggy antennae after all but receptors? All too often we look upon Gemini as the transmitter of information, but the sign also speaks to the receipt of it. The sign might rule the lower (reptilian) brain—something that does rule courtship and hoarding—but it also rules positive thinking which itself works two ways, like mental cross pollenation: thinking positive thoughts not only puts a high vibration out into our field of experience, but it also attracts like vibrations to us. The subtle sweet scent of the violents in its earthy vessel is a lovely fragrant emission, while the placement of said flowers in their vase also brings good thoughts and feelings and wishes and interest to us.

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