At Aquarius 28° the Sabian Symbol is A Tree Felled And Sawed To Ensure A Supply Of Wood For The Winter. This is about using resources that are readily available. I think it’s also about trusting in your own skill set; yes we should stretch in new directions, but we should use what is already in our arsenal. It is also an image of preparedness. We know from experience that we will need to storehouse certain elements—money, for instance—to help through leaner times. And we are talking about basic needs here, not focused on extras of luxury. My guess is that having this degree point highlighted in your astrological chart would make you something of a boy or girl scout, being rather thrifty and certainly prepared. The felling of a tree requires a combination of brain and brawn. There is some engineering involved as to where to chop to maximize effeciency and have the tree land exactly where we want it. As well, we need some muscle.

This image also portrays living in cooperation, closely, with the natural world. We are living off the land, using what nature offers us. As this oracle is ruled by Cancer in a twelve-fold sequence, a sign that is associated with flood myths, promise and deliverance, we see the inherent connection here. Noah had to build that Ark after all and he would have had to chop more than a few trees to prepare for the coming deluge. An ark is associated with promise; so that when we are chopping some real or metaphoric tree we are endowing our actions with a self-promise of would-be deliverance. In fact, all actions might be endowed with this spirit or energy. Intelligent foresight isn’t a sole human capability. Every squirrel knows that; and the fact that this rhythmic, seasonal action is something we share with other living beings only contextualizes us all the more as being part of the natural world, not just living in it.

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