It was just a few days ago we had a butterfly image and here we have once again at Aquarius 29° with A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis which points to the ability to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon. Radical change, of course, is endemic to the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, the reformer. And as we near the end of the sign, nigh on entering Pisces, we are feeling the full evolutionary, as well as revolutionary, power of the sign of the Waterbearer. I find certain symbols so inspiring. I love to imagine my own metamorphosis being the product of my actions, restructuring my daily life and rethinking the types of relationships in which I engage.

If yesterday’s Cancer-ruled image was about preparation and promise leading to deliverance, this Leo-ruled Aquarian image is about being newly delivered. Emerging from the chrsysalis is a literal delivery of new birth. In the biblical sense, the flood (myth) is followed by the age of miracles and the book of Kings, a nod to the sign of Leo and its archetypes of Solmon and David. Landing, post flood, we make a new pact with the god/s—Leo’s astrological fifth house is that of co-creation with god. The sub-righteous, one might even say sub-human brutes were washed away by said flood as a new breed of human begins anew. This can happen every day, right now. I always point out that Noah, the Cancerian archetype, was a drunk; and that the flood myth is a metaphor for recovery and rehabilitation. The butterfly has been re-made in that chrysalis which is one and the same as that ark via which life makes a transition and undergoes a transformation and breeds new beings. The butterfly is a more perfect being. It has gained the power of flight, a symbol of spiritual ascension. We will become more evolved via our choices of which people, places and things define our experience. We can spiritualize ourselves and our lives and emerge from the limiting experiences and environments of the past. We can embark on a journey toward enlightenment once we break out of our experience and period of transition. We mustn’t ignore the transition. We must die to ourselves as the caterpillar did and we can completely transform our lives and live on a higher plane, characterized by different and new activities and the company of like higher-minds.

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